The Netherlands will open next month requests to experiment with cannabis cultivation


How can I, as a producer, apply for a permit to participate in the cannabis experiment?

The Dutch government will start accepting applications from potential growers in July for its cannabis experiment. From July 1 to July 28, companies will be able to apply to grow weed for adults to donate to coffee shops in ten municipalities across the country.

July marks the official start of the preparatory phase of the limited scope experiment which will require all coffee shops in the ten participating municipalities to source exclusively legally cultivated cannabis. Until now, all coffee shops only sold cannabis from the illicit market.

The selection process for up to ten producers is expected to take six months. When growers start distributing their products to coffee shops depends on the business plans of the successful applicants.

The application form consists of five parts and a number of attachments, including

  • General information, including certain residency conditions.
  • Information on the place of culture.
  • A cultivation plan, among others, detailing the plan to grow at least 6 kilograms (500 pounds) of flowers per year.
  • A business plan
  • Security plan
  • The Minister of Medical Care and the Minister of Justice and Security this week sent a letter to Parliament to update the progress of the project.
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In this letter, the ministers indicated that the mayors of the participating municipalities were informed last month that their jurisdictions will receive financial support to cover the costs associated with their participation in the experiment.

The cultivation experience will last at least four years, with an option of extension for a further period of 1½ years. An independent committee will monitor the experience throughout its duration and provide an assessment at its conclusion.

Conditions of eligibility

The following people can submit an application:

  • Residents with a business in the Netherlands
  • Or legal entities (such as a BV or NV) with a Dutch address.

As a grower, you must also meet a number of conditions to be eligible for the Weed Experiment:

  • Your company is located in the Netherlands.
  • You already have a commercial location in the Netherlands or you have a location in the Netherlands in mind where you want to grow hemp and / or hashish.
  • You are in possession of a certificate of good conduct (VOG) .
    It is important that you apply to VOG as soon as possible. It may take a few weeks before you receive the VOG. You must attach the VOG to your request.
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Submit your application from July 1, 2020

Your application will be assessed on behalf of the Minister of Medical Care and Sports and the Minister of Justice and Security. They check if your application meets all the requirements described in laws and regulations:

A Bibob study is also underway. You can already prepare for the Bibob study.

A maximum of 10 producers will be designated, good luck!

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