Luxembourg allows all doctors to prescribe medical cannabis

Cannabis medical Luxembourg

Luxembourg allows the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes. The new law revises the initial draft which only allows prescription to specialists.

The Luxembourg Parliament votes on Law 7253, the objective of which is to allow doctors to prescribe medical cannabis.

Once adopted, Luxembourg will be one of a small number of countries where medical cannabis would be available. Doctors will prescribe it to fight cancer, sclerosis, and neurodegenerative, chronic and painful diseases. The bill was presented to MPs in 2017 and analyzed in detail by members of the health committee in April.

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All doctors will be able to prescribe medical cannabis

Under current proposals, any doctor, including general practitioners, would be able to prescribe medicinal cannabis. He will have to undergo special training. It is an improvement over the original text. Indeed, he limited his prescription to pain specialists, oncologists and neurologists.

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Initially, the Canadian Cannabis Agency will provide the products. They can be purchased from pharmacies serving the four hospitals in the country. The Ministry of Health will review progress two years after the bill comes into force. So he can assess the number of beneficiaries. The list of diseases covered by the legal framework may expand to include diseases such as HIV.

Possession, transport and consumption of cannabis are currently illegal in Luxembourg. However, the Ministry of Health launched a two-year pilot project in November 2017, allowing up to 100 patients to benefit from cannabis-based therapies. A survey carried out by TNS Ilres at the start of 2018 revealed that 56% of the population supported the decriminalization of cannabis for recreational and medicinal purposes.

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