NBA legend Shawn Kemp opens chain of stores in the United States

Former Sonics player to open first Seattle dispensary

After Magic Johnson It's Sean Travis Kemp (Shawn Tyrone Kemp) turn. One of the biggest stars of the NBA of the 90s. To launch his legal cannabis network at the end of the month: "Hope to be an inspiration". The NBA star of the not-so-distant past is entering the industry and launching his first cannabis store next week. Gary Peyton, his former teammate, is also expected to attend the Grand Opening.

Six times All Star during the first eight years of his 14-year NBA career with the Sonics. Sean Travis Kemp said he looks forward to being a role model for minorities, who have been historically under-represented in the industry. I hope Shawn Kemp's cannabis is an inspiration to get people involved in the legal cannabis industry, especially people of color, ”Kemp said.

“I look forward to welcoming Sonics fans who come regularly,” Kemp said, inviting at a public relations event to point out that his cannabis store will be the first in Seattle, Washington, to be owned by a dark-skinned man. Camp itself works hard to promote the black community.

Kemp's friend Peyton had already entered the cannabis business last year with a company called Cannasports. So far, it markets cartridges of vaporization : a brand in the colors of the Supersonics, according to a report by Seattle Times.

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In partnership with industry veterans

Camp has also partnered with two veteran figures in the Washington state cannabis industry. Matt Shenlein and Ramsey Hamid, the owner of the Maine Street Marijuana store chain, considered the largest supplier of cannabis in Washington since it was approved for legalization in the state in 2014 to date.

The company is named after me and I worked hard to make it happen. I want to offer the best selection and nothing less, as well as a customer experience and great prices. I have great partners who will make sure this happens with me. " 

The Shawn Kemp's Cannabis dispensary located at 3035 1st Ave. will open its doors on Friday October 30.

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