Are the joints disappearing?

As a result of new methods of consumption, cannabis joints are in danger of extinction? The response of the consumer

The cannabis industry has made tremendous progress in recent years and many people think that their direction is clear: far from the good old-fashioned joints and towards new, more innovative, healthier and perhaps more effective methods of consumption. Are the joints disappearing? It all depends on the consumer ...

Are the seals old fashioned? The opinion of the consumer

Smoking pets is more than just a means of consuming cannabis - a symbol whose disadvantages are a small price to pay in exchange for the rich cultural heritage. But the implications for health, economic, and even the efficiency of administration are lacking ... What does the consumer think?

Risk for the health

The vape, the healthiest and probably the most effective way to consume cannabis

Seals can have about the same harmful effects as cigarettes. In fact, combustion causes various toxic byproducts that have nothing to do with actual cannabis compounds. Studies have shown that smoking releases more than 100 different toxins related to cancer.

Less efficient, accurate and economical

According to a study conducted by California NORML and MAPS, the vaporizers can convert 46% THC available in steam. While farts tend to convert less than 25% ...

The vape allows you to be stone, while remaining "lucid"

The belief that vaporizers do not give you that much is a misconception. The highest seems to be not only stronger, but more pure, with many patients reporting feeling more "lucid".

Are the seals disappearing?

So, with all these undeniable inconveniences, do the joints disappear? Far from there. In fact, despite the growing interest in alternative methods of cannabis use. 55% of Californians prefer to smoke. 5% of them use pre-rolls, aka links.

The seals continue to reign ...

Another survey conducted by Civilized and PBS, interviewed 1 600 Americans and found that 52% of them preferred the joints. This percentage increases only by 68% in Canada.


For occasional and moderate cannabis users, a joint here and there could not accumulate enough health damage for them to consider changing their method. Because for dozens of people, the feeling of consuming cannabis in one way or another would be a method, not a ritual.

Joints will always be the most social way to use cannabis.

Even when consumed alone, the rich aromas floating in the air, accompanied by the comforting rustle and the burst of earthy flavors, offer an undeniable magic. There is also the effect of entourage, and even if there are other ways to take advantage of it, the joints remain for the moment the easiest and the most transparent ...

The younger generations are establishing a new legend for smoking, spraying

Time will tell how joints will continue in the nascent cannabis industry and its innovations. For many people, especially younger generations, new methods of consumption could even bring more history, culture and memories ...

However, smoking joints is likely to be more real than any other way of using cannabis. And when it comes to flowers and its cultural roots, the real is synonymous with better ...

That said, a solution to feel all the flavors and effects remains vaporization. A solution to stop smoking the Pax 3 vaporizer

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