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Light Use - New UK Study, One Joint Per Week Does Not Cause Health Harm

A new service for Consumers conducted a study of 40.000 cannabis consumers in the UK. Based on extensive medical research, it indicates that smoking the amount of one joint of marijuana per week does not cause negative health effects.

Dr. Adam Winstock

Dr. Adam Winstock

A team of scientists led by Dr Adam Winstock, psychiatrist and addict specialist at King College London, has developed a new service called 'Safer Use Limits' aimed at determining medical contours and safe and responsible use of cannabis.

The new service is based on data from clinical trials conducted by the team in which they surveyed more than 40000 cannabis users - to examine the health damage that can result from long-term cannabis use.

“The reality is that most of the damage caused by the drug experience can be avoided on a large scale for the majority of the population, with just good advice,” said Dr. Winstock. “We have spent years analyzing the data and interviewing drug users with the aim of strengthening this advice.

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The results establish that "light" cannabis use, defined as an average of one joint per week does not cause health damage and the link to future risks is "unlikely". However, the researchers clarified that “the only way to completely avoid the harm caused by drugs is to avoid their use. "

Another published study last week this time revealed that the only damage resulting from “continuous” cannabis use can be gum disease. In summary, the team of researchers indicates that such a quantity of marijuana does not cause any deterioration in physical health but can cause "slight damage to short-term memory." "

For “heavy” cannabis users who consume an average of up to 2 grams per day, the study indicates that there is a risk of developing psychological dependence on cannabis and decreased motivation.

Even the highest level of consumption tested (over 2 grams per day) does not generate any medical damage. However, researchers have found that when mixed with tobacco, cannabis greatly increases the risk of many adverse health effects.

We will never stop telling you how much vaporization is important!

Professor Wayne Hall, director of the Center for Addiction Research at the University of Queensland, said he hopes this medical information from this new service will become a benchmark for all cannabis users which he believes should " recognize the relationship between the amount of cannabis they consume and the health damage that could be caused. "

The team is currently continuing their research and will soon publish "moderating lines" for the safe use of cocaine, MDMA, ketamine and alcohol.


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