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The UK CBD product that treats stressed dogs and their arthritis

Now, more than ever, people are starting to realize the many benefits of cannabis. Not only is it an effective pain reliever, it also relieves stress. Much like humans, dogs tend to stress from time to time. But can weed help calm dogs the way it does people? A UK company is launching a cannabis product for stressed dogs, which is proving very useful. It will soothe your pet's stress and provide relief from various conditions, like arthritis.

stressed dogs

Hemp helps dogs

From soothing pain to relieving your stress, weed can do just about anything. And as it turns out, hemp is just as useful for dogs as it is for men. Currently, a UK hemp company has launched a cannabis product specifically designed for dogs. Not only can it relieve conditions like arthritis, but it can also relieve stress in the dog.

"Canine-Abis", a dog CBD oil

Our Company Love Hemp, now sells "Canine-Abis", a CBD oil specifically for cats and dogs. This CBD oil is made from hemp, which contains no psychoactive properties. With that in mind, you won't have to worry about an unfortunate High. Dr Robert Silver, veterinarian and author of «Medical marijuana and your pet», also claims that their product actually relieves anxiety. In addition, it can even treat conditions such as epilepsy.

“In my experience, for dogs with epilepsy, hemp extract will often work better than pharmaceuticals. I also have several oncologists in a study group who found that CBD can help stop seizures and tics that can occur with brain tumors. "Says Dr. Robert Silver

A cheaper and more natural alternative for dogs

What motivated Love Hemp to make this product, in particular, are customers looking for a more natural and cheaper alternative to standard veterinary treatments. Indeed many documented cases in the United States testify that the CBD was more effective than the drugs which are generally prescribed.

The different modes of administration of the Love Hemp range

“For animals with arthritis, hip dysplasia or with sore joints, we find that using hemp relieves their pain and makes them mobile again. - Dr. Silver

Additionally, Silver says anxiety is a condition that CBD can significantly alleviate, as "a CBD supplement that can dampen your dog's emotions and protect the animal from unnecessary stress." Love Hemp's CBD oil can be purchased in two forms: liquid drops and sprays. In addition, you can have them consumed alone or with food and drink. However, the company recommends using four drops per 1 kg of body weight about two to three times a day.

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