Hemp joins marijuana in the fight for freedom

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Hemp joins marijuana in the fight for freedom

At this rate marijuana could be completely legalized in the United States in the next five to ten years, the conversation around the subject of hemp is just beginning. Hemp and marijuana are commonly confused because both come from the same species, Cannabis Sativa. Both are considered illegal by Prohibition, and both offer the same fight.


Hemp and marijuana were both prescribed as illegal during the Prohibition era, but the 2014 Farm Bill, known as the Farm Bill, allowed states to study hemp for industrial purposes. Hemp would only contain 0.3 to 3% THC (psychoactive ingredient in cannabis), a relatively low ratio compared to marijuana which would average around 10% to 30% THC ...

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On July 4, a petition will be delivered to Congress asking them to pass an Industrial Hemp Agriculture Act, the Hemp Farming Act of 2015 / 2016. Hemp can be used to produce many things including textiles, cars, food, homes, etc. according to Rob Jungmann who owns Jungmaven, a company that loves hemp.

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Hemp is also good for the environment unlike many other crops including cotton. Hemp replaces nitrogen in the soil, and takes less water while producing more plants per acre.


Jungmann alludes to the drought that has hit California as an excellent reason for hemp to be fully legalized in the state.

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To date, 30 countries allow the cultivation of industrial hemp, China being its largest producer and exporter worldwide. Unlike any other product, the United States requires farmers to approve the DEA before doing anything with the seeds ...

Fred Lewis (Michael Lewis' brother) & the Growing Warriors in Appalachia

Michael Lewis, the director of Growing Warriors, dedicates a project to help the country's veterans find means of substance through sustainable agriculture, he tells us about his experience with the DEA through a short film entitled Harvesting Liberty

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In 2014, the DEA wanted to prevent and stop the Lewis and other farmers, but a judge from Louisville sided with the farmers. The Growing Warriors was the first group of citizens who grew hemp on American soil in the 70 years.

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