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Start-up Hempfy launches hemp drink 100% switzerland

In recent years, there has been a significant change in the social perception vis-à-vis cannabis. After being in exile for almost a century, the hemp plant is making its return to the mainstream market. Slightly sparkling or not, bitter or barely sweet, alcohol and THC free is the formula of infused Swiss hemp. This consumption is aimed at nothing other than the pleasure of the senses and well-being. The cold hemp drink goes well with the strong juniper flavor present in the Gin or with a Martini as a cocktail.

infused swiss hemp

The new Swiss soft drink

Beverages made from sativa cannabis, cultivated variety of this herbaceous plant with a sulphurous reputation, flourish on the market of soft drinks. There is something for everyone, some advocating the unsuspected virtues of hemp, others the exceptional taste qualities. There was a long tradition of cannabis cultivation among Swiss farmers practically forgotten. However, the Swiss market for natural products has grown rapidly with the emerging industry of cannabis. Even in soft drinks made from cannabis.

Hemp cultivation has a long tradition in Switzerland.

The Hempfy team decided to embark on the adventure and create a tonic drink that cherishes the taste of cannabis. Hempfy works directly with Olivier Sonnay, a Vaud farmer who has been cultivating this plant with many virtues for about twenty years. The farmer, who owns nearly 5 hectares of hemp cultivation. But he regrets the truncated image of this plant, the cultivation of which is one of the few in Switzerland not to obtain any state subsidy.

"The potential is huge, though. We could develop a real sector, "says the farmer whose 80% of its production of hemp oil is exported.

The farmer and his crew Olivier Sonnay harvest hemp.

In Switzerland, the production of hemp is nevertheless permitted if the variety grown no more than 1% THC, while in Europe the standard is much stricter with a maximum permissible content of 0,2%.

A health product

infused swiss hemp

Hemp, without THC, does not cause effects associated with the "drug", on the contrary ... Research is still ongoing, each variety of hemp must be studied separately. So Hempfy ultimately wishes to strengthen existing studies and data on hemp. In the meantime, and in order to maximize the nutrition and health benefits of Hempfy Swiss uses:

- ingredients of natural herbs, including of course quality hemp

- fructose (the "healthiest" and bio-available sugar) in our soft drinks, instead of refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) or artificial sweeteners.

infused swiss hemp

Fructose and glucose act differently on the brain

Several studies in humans that fructose and glucose induce opposite responses in the brain. This neuronal activity was observed mainly in the cortical control areas. Even in regions where notions of reward and addiction are processed.

infused swiss hemp
Glucose suddenly increases neural activity for about 20 minutes (and after a sharp decrease). While the intake of fructose reduces or keeps the same neural activity in the area for about the same amount of time. Ingestion of fructose produces smaller increases in cerebral blood flow. Ingestion of glucose increases the functional connectivity betweenhypothalamus and thalamus and striatum. While fructose increases the connectivity between the hypothalamus and thalamus but not the striatum. The glycemic index is low, another valuable benefit of Hempfy products.

infused swiss hemp

The Swiss start-up Hempfy has recently introduced a Swiss-based 100 approach, in addition to being perfectly legal. Infused cold, the latter is therefore part of the composition of hand-made drinks in the country. Slightly sparkling or not, bitter or barely sweet, everyone finds the declination that suits him.

A cocktail base

Successful bet from a taste point of view, with a balance of flavors well mastered. Just as much with an effervescence measured for the proposed versions in bottle. What to constitute an interesting base for the realization of cocktails. Especially with the addition of gin or vermouth. A clever way to be part of the dynamics of the mixology.

infused swiss hemp

This is also a way of bringing the cultivation of this plant with multiple uses which, in Switzerland, is based on a long tradition, yet largely unknown, up to date. Adopting a drink made from spring water infused with locally produced plants: this indeed seems very fashionable. The Hempfy range is resolutely “hypster”

infused swiss hemp

These soft drinks, all of whose ingredients come from Switzerland, are distributed for the time being in about 40 outlets in French-speaking Switzerland. They can also be ordered on the website of the start-up.

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