The genome of cannabis

The Genome of Cannabis

"Phylos Bioscience" wants to genetically map all the different strains of cannabis in the world

“Even though hemp and marijuana are important crops, knowledge about cannabis is lacking due to its controlled drug status”

The "mad scientist"

An Oregon research team in the United States is developing a large-scale project aimed at map the genome complete cannabis plant. This is similar to the "Genome Project" in humans.

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He is called the "mad scientist" and spends his entire life at the hemp plant, Dr. Mowgli Holmes transforming genetic research into the cannabis industry. It examines in detail thousands of different flowers and cannabis products around the world. This is to do a complete genetic mapping of all the active ingredients of the plant. But also reveal all its information to the general public. But only a tiny part is known today in the world of science.

"What the human genome project did for humans, we do for cannabis," says the director of research.

This project Broad and ambitious has been defined by the US media as "one of the most important of our time" and as such "everything we know about marijuana today could change". However, because of the volume of research, we can not define when important results will start to be published.

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"The scientist who changed the rules of the game"

strains, cannabis genome, genome

The project started in Las Vegas at a conference in 2014. Dr. Holmes speaks in a very daring speech for that time. Since then, the scientific team has already collected samples of more than 2.000 cannabis flowers, and oils and extracts at different concentrations. And more than 1500 of them have already passed extensive research and data processing.

strains, cannabis genome, genome

Samples have been collected from many countries, including so-called “heritage strains” samples. These are authentic strains dating back centuries from Thailand, Mexico, Afghanistan, India and South Africa. These are strains from a collection of cannabis from the United States that was intended to be boycotted at the start of Prohibition in 1937. Thanks to a comprehensive and varied sampling of Dr. Holmes strains, he has been dubbed in the media: "The Mad Scientist who was changing the game of cannabis in the world." "

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strains, cannabis genome, genome

One of the most problematic steps of the research was to find new ways of extracting DNA from various kinds of plants and oils. Especially in the oldest strain. Where the levels of active ingredient is low or virtually nonexistent.

Dr. Jessica Kristoff Laboratory Managers for this study announces:

Old DNA is very fragmented. Because it contains barely 1% of cannabis plants in most samples. In addition, the samples are covered with germs and bacteria that have accumulated over the years, making it more difficult to decipher and catalog strains.

With 1500 genes currently undergoing extensive testing, research is taking shape gradually. What the human genome project does for humans, we do for cannabis.

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