The first vegan and vegetarian restaurant based on CBD opens in the United Kingdom

By Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory

In Brighton, Cannabidiol is taking the world by storm.

Due to the efficacy and safety of the plant, the UK has legalized medical cannabis treatments and hemp products in November 2018. A month later, The Canna Kitchen opened its doors to the public and became the 1er vegan and vegetarian restaurant in the UK to brew the kitchen with CBD.

according to H, the restaurant is located several blocks from the ocean in Brighton. Sam Evolution, the founder and director of The Canna Kitchen, chose the location, the smooth, pastel tones of the interior, and the ornate wood details to create an enjoyable experience for customers. He and his team want to improve the way people perceive the plant, which is why they create high quality, healthy and creative dishes that can all be infused with cannabis, depending on the customer's desires.

“I want to create something special,” said chef Charlotte Kjaer. “I like to combine the natural flavors and aromas of the plant with different types of food. I want to convey the passion I have for this wonderful plant through my creations. "

The chef is familiar with the many components of the plant and their benefits. “Everyone is talking about CBD now, but we also cook with other cannabinoids like CBG (cannabigerol) and CBN (cannabinol),” she continued.

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Dining options at Canna Kitchen range from Buddha Bowl (tofu, seasonal roast roots, quinoa salad, house sauerkraut salad, hummus, salad, house sauerkraut, and CBD-infused tahini) to the local soup of the day, served with local sourdough bread and olive oil made from CBD. For a sweet treat, you can choose between a chocolate and hemp brownie, a poached pair with vanilla and hemp ice cream, or a 'canna Snickers' bar. And to bring it all down, there is hemp tea.

“Our mission is to change the way people think about the cannabis plant by creating beautiful vegetarian dishes that are tastefully complemented by its infusion. Cannabis is a very nutritious, versatile and potent herb; it is full of flavor, fragrance and natural healing benefits. Kjaer said.

The experience does not end with the meal. Then you can go upstairs to get to the dispensary and lounge. Perhaps you will choose to enjoy a cafe in the city center and sip a Moroccan brewed coffee on the terrace with friends. If you've come empty-handed, you can purchase everything from sprays and skin care products to pet food (all with less than 0,2% THC) at the dispensary.

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The stigma associated with cannabis is decreasing, which is why the public response to The Canna Kitchen has been "very good". “People are curious about the factory and we want to spark a wider conversation around it, educate the public. "

“I think eventual decriminalization is inevitable, it's only a matter of time. I would like to see a lot of education done regarding the responsible use, not only of cannabis, but of all herbal medicines, which are there to help us. I think The Canna Kitchen will definitely pave the way for many more concepts like this in the UK. I have heard that Jeremy Corbyn's son has opened a Hemp Cafe in North London, we are extremely excited about it, and it goes without saying that he has our full support on this project. It is an exciting time for hemp and cannabis, which is being taken over by the general public, as it should be, ”he concluded.

source: Truththeory

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