The first tribe in New York State to legalize recreational cannabis

mohawk tribe

Native American tribe says it has legalized recreational use and will "soon" start legal sales

The Mohawk Tribe of Saint Regis was the first tribe in New York State to legalize adult marijuana. According to the WWTI television station of Watertown, the Mohawk tribe of St. Regis, whose reserve is near the Canadian border in upstate New York, has signed a new tribal ordinance allowing its members to launch adult marijuana shops.

The tribal council has declared to WWTI that he was going to license tribal members to encourage the creation of individual businesses rather than creating tribal-owned businesses.

The order follows a popular tribal vote in 2019 under which members authorized the recreational marijuana trade, but operations had to wait for the state legislature to legalize cannabis for adult use, which happened in March.

The tribe has spent the past two years working on industry regulations, including product quality assurance.

“It would have been easier to follow the practice of other tribes and make it a tribe-owned business, but we have and will continue to support entrepreneurs in our community,” said Tribal Chief Michael Conners. “We have many tribal member entrepreneurs and we want to give them the opportunity to help develop this industry for the benefit of the community.

Although a tribe spokesperson acknowledged that some vendors have gotten ahead and have already started selling recreational cannabis, other legal retailers have yet to open.

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According to WWTI, the tribe "brought civil actions" in tribal court on July 1 against seven illegal operators, and demand that the businesses be shut down and fined $ 1000 for each day they violate the rules.

Recommendations from the Mohawk community of Saint Regis were incorporated into a final version:

  • Adult tribal members, at least 21 years old, can grow and maintain up to 12 cannabis plants in their own residences;
  • Tribe to begin accepting first round of cannabis license applications for all licenses
  • A Tribal Cannabis Exchange is established to facilitate fee collection, testing and availability of cultivated cannabis in retail stores. The exchange will be administered by the Tribal Regulatory Office, the SRMT Cannabis Compliance Office, which is overseen and overseen by a new five-member board, the SRMT Cannabis Control Board;
  • The SRMT cannabis program is a “seed for sale” program - cultivation, processing and sale must all take place on tribal territory;
  • Businesses that opened prematurely are currently subject to cease and desist orders and tribal court actions will have a "last chance" to comply with the order. If they do not comply (that is, they end their activities) by Thursday, July 1, er they, as well as their owners and operators, will not be able to obtain a license under the ordinance.

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