The cannabis farms of California

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Journey to California farms on the eve of Proposition 64

A large percentage of California residents make their living off marijuana, half an hour's drive from major northern cities, through dense forest roads, locked doors await the visitor. A private space, a cannabis farm in the forests of California. Laws in California are in great limbo, but during harvest season California farms attract thousands of young people from all over the world. The recipe is simple, California is a unique place for the cannabis experience, be it on an individual, social and professional level. Focus on California cannabis farms:


In a large clearing, two fenced gardens containing dozens of green plants, cannabis in full bloom Interestingly, this is the very site of the ancient cultivation of American hemp, the forests of California.

California Mountains

Other regions across the United States and Canada are part of the "Emerald Triangle", and like many portals in California, hide behind a parallel universe, an agricultural and professional industry in all respects, farms producing Cannabis.

The Emerald Triangle is the major cannabis producing region in the United States

Farms have legal permission to grow hundreds of marijuana plants, under the supervision of the County Sheriff's Department. The development of cannabis for medicinal purposes gives increased visibility to producers in northern California. Proposition 215 of 1996 then authorized the consumption but also the cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes. Each patient with his Californian “Medical Marijuana Identification Card” can plant according to the Attorney General 6 mature plants, or 12 unripe plants ...

farm-Willits California
Willits Farm in California

Possession of herbal medicine is legal in the county, but only if it comes from a dispensary or medical clearance (known patient). It is not with regard to federal legalization, farmers are constantly under the aerial threat of the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) ...


But the next legalization is likely to change California's contradictory landscape; the vote of proposition 64 by referendum is almost certain. This Proposition 64 will control and regulate the use of responsible marijuana by and for adults, while protecting public health, children, the Californian environment and their water ...


During harvest season, tens of thousands of young people from all over the world come to participate in the marijuana harvest in the north of the state. There are hemp fields to be harvested several times a year, but the cultivation of “foreign” LandRace or Hybrid is what arouses the interest of “seasonalists”.

Farms line Route “101”

The plants are planted in April-May, slight changes in weather conditions cause them to be harvested in early to mid-October. The professional standard in California is very high, each plant receives a dedicated treatment throughout the year - fertilization, variety of mixtures, threads and support networks (trellising) and precise watering that will keep the plant in good condition. health and increase harvest. The plants reach 2/3 meters, the buds offer a variety of colors and striking smells.


Many varieties are cultivated such as Diesel Sour and ChemDawg; very popular strains with American consumers, but hundreds of different species are featured on a California farm, including a large number of Indica strains, Hybrids, and some Sativa strains.


Many producers also choose to take full advantage of their products, and to make them even side products, such as quality hashish, lotions, oils and more ...


Each community is made up of young people, adults, professionals, university teachers and those engaged in agriculture all their lives. They come from different countries, in the United States and abroad; and everyone sees the profession as a mission to take very personal care of the plants… For example, at the germination stage, some growers tend to put the seeds under the tongue for a few minutes… They say that by doing this, they give specificity DNA to the plant, which would grow according to their own character ...


On the other hand, there are those who refer to the economic boom in cannabis cultivation, realizing the enormous potential of the market, in terms of agricultural cultivation - Careful calculations, irrigation machines , biological or chemical pesticides, fertilizers and strict distribution in the sale of the product are the panache of these producers ...

The cannabis farms of California

California has managed to marry beyond landscapes and major tourist attractions, a thriving, fascinating cannabis agriculture with all its communities and activities related to their field. Beyond the locked doors, cannabis is in these Californian farms a social experience and a very interesting learning ^^ Notice to seasonal ????

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