Danes want to legalize and let the state deal with sales

The hashish monopoly? Most Danes say yes to cannabis

A majority of Danes want the legalization of cannabis, according to a new poll. Instead, the state should take care of sales. This is according to a survey carried out by Norstat among 1001 people representing a representative sample of the Danish adult population. Danish cannabis activist Khodor Merhi commissioned Norstat to carry out the investigation.

In the survey, 54% answered yes to the question "Do you think cannabis should be legalized and the state should be responsible for its sale?" 28% answer no, while the remaining 18% answer "don't know".

Support for the legalization bill is seen among voters from virtually all political parties, including, for example, the Social Democrats, the Radical Left, the New Civic and Liberal Alliance, the Danish Democrats and the Moderates.

Only among voters on the left, the conservative People's Party and the Christian Democrats do less than one in two support it. Among leftist and conservative voters, support is 40% and 44% respectively.

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In the municipality of Copenhagen, however, councilors on the left have decided to support legalization. The municipality has wanted to conduct trials to legalize cannabis for years, but the government has refused.

This year, the municipality again asked the government for permission to conduct an experiment.

However, the matter is still on the table of the municipality, but should be dealt with in the financial administration of the municipality during the fourth quarter of this year.

The survey suggests that attitudes towards the issue of cannabis legalization are quite independent of income category.

Legalization is also supported by people whose annual household income is less than 100000 DKK (13442 Euro) and by those who earn more than XNUMX million DKK.

People whose highest level of education is primary school, on the other hand, are particularly positive. Seventy percent of them are in favor of legalization.

Among Danes with a short higher education, 51% are in favor of it. Among those with a medium or long education, support is measured at 55% and 48% respectively.

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It is not the first time that the Danes have been asked about their attitude towards the hashish free.

In 2019, Politiken wrote in the run-up to the general election that the Danish population was "completely at odds over whether hashish should be legalized or not". the journal did so based on a poll that showed 39% were in favor of legalization, while 40% were against.

This is a markedly different result from the most recent measurement. Apart from the fact that the Danes have been able to change their attitude in four years, this can also be linked to the different formulations of questions.

In the new survey, respondents are not simply asked if they are in favor of legalization. The question also includes the element that the state will be responsible for the sale in the future.

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