Hemp Concrete

Hemp Concrete

Hempcrete: Biopolymer concrete based on Hemp

The construction industry is one of the largest and most profitable in the world. But also one of the most doubtful and polluting that there is. For industries wishing to replace fossil resources, the use of biopolymers as matrices of functional materials could constitute an alternative to the use of polymers derived from petroleum.

Hemp Concrete

Matrix and reinforcement

HEMPCRETE is a biocompound of hemp and lime used as material for construction as well as insulation. it is marketed under names such as HEMPCRETE, Canosmose, or Isochanvre. This is a rediscovery; its origins date back to the XNUMXth century in the construction of French buildings, considered to this day as long lasting ...

Hemp Concrete

HEMPCRETE is easier to work with than most traditional lime mixtures and acts as an insulator and moisture regulator. Regardless of the insulation and construction of a house, HEMPCRETE can also be used for flooring, walls, roofing and more. According to experts, it is fireproof, waterproof and rot-proof as long as it is mounted above ground.

Hemp Concrete

It is extremely difficult to split because of lime and hemp combined. The structures of HEMPCRETE are three times stronger those of common concrete; its manufacturing process requires less carbon (obligatory for lime), however retaining the energy and flexibility of the material when it comes out. The cellulose-based Hemp Matrix traps carbon, capable of trapping air pollutants over time, absorbing carbon from the atmosphere when grown and when it is laid.

Hemp Concrete

The negative impact of carbon is less, whether in the concrete itself during its installation, or via the droppings in the atmosphere during its manufacture. This composite material represents an attractive market for manufacturers because it makes it possible to clearly improve the physicochemical properties by the only assembly of its components with complementary properties; HEMPCRETE is an ecological, realistic replacement for industrial concrete.

Here is a list of the benefits of Hempcrete:

  • High thermal insulation
  • 50% - 70% energy savings
  • Fire resistant
  • Termite Resistant
  • Breathable walls
  • Flexibility of design
  • Prevents the mold
  • CO2 sequestration
  • Negative carbon footprint
  • Healthy living environment
  • In itself hermetic
  • High acoustic performance
  • No loss
  • No dry putrefaction
  • Natural substrates for plasters and render low air infiltration
  • no backfill loss

Industrial hemp

Hemp itself is a healthy crop requiring no fertilizers, weedkillers, pesticides or fungicides. It grows abundantly by rotation with the cultivation of other plants such as rye, barley. Hemp seeds are also harvested, as they constitute a rich nutrient (food supplement), both hemp fibers, they are usually used in the textile industry and much more ...

Hemp Concrete

The hemp itself matures within 14 weeks. Growing hemp is not difficult, which makes the material cheap.

Hemp Concrete

But the big question is, if HEMPCRETE really holds all of these huge benefits; why do governments keep silent on the exploitation of such an industry? Why increase the cost of a property, a building that has such a negative impact on the environment and on our wallet (programmed obsolence)?

Hemp house

One of the first houses to be built of hemp bricks, a unique material resembling concrete that consists mainly of hemp, is the 316 Push House House square meters, built in Asheville, North Carolina.  

Hemp Concrete

  Hemp brick is an excellent insulator with an insulating power of R2,5 per square inch. Hemp is also able to trap air pollutants over time, absorbing carbon from the atmosphere when it is grown and when it is laid down.  

Hemp Concrete

  The house has been equipped with 30 insulated glazing window frames that let in daylight without allowing too much heat or cold. The hemp house costs $ 133 (€ 117) per square meter for construction.  

Hemp Concrete
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