The Kashmir Valley wants to regain control of the drug market in its region

All possible measures are taken to stop the cultivation of poppy and cannabis in the Kashmir valley

The presidents of the ruling authority of Jammu and Kashmir met to end the illegal cultivation of poppy and cannabis throughout Kashmir, Divisional Commissioner Pandurang K Pole convened the executive on Tuesday to discuss measures taken to curb the threat of illegal cultivation. The government's intention is to develop skills and industrial training for those involved in the illicit consumption, cultivation and trade of poppy and cannabis in order to provide them with reasonable opportunities to earn a living.

The people of Kashmir have gone through decades of violence and depression, causing an epidemic of traumatic disorder among its people. Present comorbidities such as emotional stress, psychological problems and psychiatric disorders have certainly taken their toll in this population group. 

An alarming percentage of teenagers are plagued with drug abuse and if the problem is left unattended, the situation could get out of hand in the future. The Srinagar Government Psychiatric Hospital, the only mental health hospital in the valley, in one of its reports said that most of the drug addiction cases were from a very young generation. Scientific data based on community surveys of drug-related problems in Jammu and Kashmir show that deaths started to occur directly from overdoses, seizures and cardiac arrests and indirectly from road accidents . 

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The political project called for the adoption of multilateral strategies and an international response to illicit drugs to combat production, supply and demand at the local level. Promoting alternative crops, destroying refineries, seizing precursors, including chemicals for production, reducing demand, enforcing laws and seizing illicit profits are some of the points on which government agencies can work to eliminate this threat.

The divisional commissioner said that all possible measures are being taken to stop the cultivation of poppies and cannabis in the valley as soon as possible so that the threat of drugs is completely eliminated from our society. He asked the authorities concerned to develop a concrete strategy for the cultivation of these plants to be destroyed on public and private lands.

Rehabilitation plan

He asked to involve stakeholders in this cause and to sensitize people to the harmful effects of poppy cultivation. He also asked to conduct special campaigns and to register an initial information report, after the Ministry of Tax and Customs communicated the details of the illegal crops to them.

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He also informed that the government intends to provide skills development and industrial training to those involved in the illicit consumption, cultivation and trade of poppy and cannabis through the departments of industries and technical education in order to provide them with reasonable opportunities to earn a living. A rehabilitation plan with the departments of floriculture, agriculture, horticulture and the Argo Industries Development Company to develop a policy for developing alternative crops for farmers involved in the illegal cultivation of poppy and cannabis and to divert their agricultural activities from illicit cultivation and adopt cash crops for their livelihood.

Deputy Commissioner Srinagar, Director of Health Services of Kashmir, Chief Engineer I&FC, Deputy Commissioner of Excise and officials from agriculture, horticulture and other departments were present at the meeting, while that the deputy commissioners from all districts of Kashmir participated in the meeting by videoconference.

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