A new method in Germany: Cannabis grows in trees!


Guerrilla cultivation: German police report the seizure of 35 illegal cannabis plants that were found in pots on tree branches in a forest near the town of Augsburg in southern Germany.

Using this method can allow producers to avoid criminal charges.
Augsburg city police in Germany reported an event particularly unusual: 35 potted cannabis plants in a tree in the forest.

According to the report, 35 cannabis plants were found by a passerby who immediately called the police.

“The passer-by identified strange plants in large pots in the woods of Augsburg,” he said. "The police who arrived at the scene identified the plants as being marijuana"

Seedlings were found at a height of 25 meters above the ground.

Germany, police

Police also reported that 35 cannabis plants were found in the cymes of trees throughout the forest, while 275 empty pots were found in the area, probably also used for growing in trees.

While this is the first time that a cannabis seizure on trees has been reported, it is an idea that has already been well thought out. This greatly reduces the risk of being arrested in possession of drugs by the Police. Because it is a public area, difficult to attribute to a particular person ...

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Germany, police There are several types of culture in "Guerilla" mode told by anonymous people.

First of all, they choose a place with a high density of trees and shrubs, of different sizes. Always with several trees of large sizes, rather close together, with large branches and trunks and which, thanks to the leaves, will make a good covering of the sky to avoid any spotting on the ground or in the air.

These growers also avoid parks, busy areas, hiking trails, places for walks, etc ... Otherwise they will be quickly spotted or looted ...

If they decide to plant under trees, they make sure to work the land well, and to enrich it if necessary before planting under the trees. Or they use pots but this forces them to come and water more often and will increase the risk of being spotted.

To plant high in the trees, they must be very careful and have knowledge to know how to climb trees safely!

Germany, police

For this they find tall trees (several tens of meters high) with large lateral branches from several meters above the ground, for more discretion and less accessibility. The branches should be strong enough to support the weight of a bag or pot, filled with moist soil and also support the weight of the cannabis plant at the end of flowering.

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2 types of pots are used in height:

The first is an earthen pot with a pierced bottom, placed high in a tree, with the cannabis plant growing in the pot. But for watering you have to climb often and make you take more risks, or let nature and the rains water the plant: but this may be insufficient.

Germany, police

Either they use a pot with a small reserve of water or they add a small passive watering system. That way their plant will have everything it needs to thrive and have all the water it needs.

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