Cannabidiol to treat alcoholism.

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CBD (cannabidiol) for treating alcoholism

Numerous studies have shown that addiction to cannabis was much less strong than that induced by other drugs, however legal, such as alcohol, tobacco, or painkillers. In addition, multiple research seems to indicate that cannabis has properties that would help people suffering from addiction.

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Alcohol is consumed in various forms in most countries and cultures around the world. And beyond the simple gastronomic or festive framework, it can generate a strong addiction in people with an addictive tendency. This results in what is commonly called alcoholism from which millions of patients suffer across the globe and it causes multiple health problems, including alcoholic dementia, sexual impotence, cirrhosis and significantly increases the risk of Cancer.

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For people with addictive behavior and who want to be cured, weaning brings its share of suffering, whether it be nausea, sleep disturbances or untimely tremors. These symptoms are not only present in alcohol detox treatment, but also in those involving opiates such as heroin. The effects of cannabis are known to treat these post-withdrawal discomforts and provide relief to many drug addicts. In addition, the properties of cannabidiol, one of its components, would be particularly effective in helping to treat addictive behavior more specifically.

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Several studies and articles, for example that appeared in 2014 in the journal Alcohol an Alcoholism (in English) it was shown that CBD (abbreviation of cannabidiol) would help fight relapse by directly acting on the symptoms triggering addiction.

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This study by researchers from the Scripps Institute's Department of Molecular and Cellular Neurosciences and the University of Maryland shows that CBD can help people struggling with alcohol and cocaine addictions by reducing the risk of relapse.

Another research, carried out on mice in the laboratory, highlighted another potential use of CBD against liver disease which can be caused by excessive alcohol consumption. Indeed, liver disease is one of the most common effects of alcoholism (cirrhosis is one of the most convincing example), and cannabidiol has been able to attenuate its effects on rodents.

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An older search published in the Harm Reduction journal and conducted by the University of Berkeley in California concluded that cannabis can be used as a substitute for alcohol during treatment.


Of 350 cannabis users, 40% used it as a palliative for their need for alcohol. In addition, 66% in place of prescribed medication and 26% to help combat their addiction to hard drugs like heroin and cocaine. Importantly, a majority of participants indicated that they had used cannabis as a substitute. Because its side effects are less harmful and painful than alcohol, medication or hard drugs, a solution that seems both more natural and less harmful for the body.

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