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History and information about one of the most famous cannabis strains of all time

Few strains have left an indelible mark on cannabis culture quite like Blue Dream. Usually the favorite strain of dispensaries (budtenders) for new cannabis initiates, Blue Dream is also one of the best-selling strains in the US recreational market today, and it's not hard to see why. .

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With a seductive and inviting fresh berry flavor and a crisp, smooth functional high, this is a strain that seems to work well for a wide range of cannabis users. Despite all this popularity, the origins of Blue Dream are unknown and its true creator remains a mystery.

The story of the Blue Dream is quite interesting and is more like a rockstar story than that of a cannabis cultivar. This strain quickly rose to fame and stayed in the cannabis world for so long that it eventually bored the cannabis elitists. It's also one of the most imitated strains in weed history, so much so that currently on the recreational market there are so many different genetic variations of Blue Dream that almost no dispensary grows. the same strain. Let's first start by delving into what we know about its origins.

The Origins of Blue Dream

The first known appearance of Blue Dream was in medical cannabis collectives in Santa Cruz, California around 2003. No substantiated claims as to the identity of the breeder of Blue Dream have been made since, c It's almost as if the variety just appears in the mist of the ocean coast. It is agreed that the parents are most likely DJ Shorts Blueberry crossed with Super Silver Haze from Green House Seeds.

But again, since the actual breeder remains elusive, this is the agreed upon best guess. Blueberry has been around since the late 70s and Green House Seeds started winning awards with Super Silver Haze in the late 90s, so this trail. However, there are many different versions of Blueberry and many varieties of “Haze”, and it is possible that this is the reason why so many different varieties called “Blue Dream” exist today.

Blue Dream Traits

You know Blue Dream when you smell it. The most characteristic trait is its aroma and flavor. Like a fresh fruit, but even sweeter. Thickness so soft you can almost taste it. Imagine yourself in a tropical paradise, near a waterfall, holding a bowl of ripe, juicy, moist blueberries. Suddenly the bowl of blueberries turns into a cloud and you find yourself in the middle of it. That's what Blue Dream smells like, blissfully fresh with a fruity funk.

Blue Dream produces amazing buds and colas. Its flowers are plump but not dense like stone; this is what makes it smoother when smoked. The plant has good trichome coverage on green and amber stigmas that grow from the pistils.

Its flavor is as high as its smell, one has the impression of inhaling the smell of blueberry muffins just out of the oven, accentuated with a morning freshness. As the berry flavor wears off, a slightly sweet aftertaste lingers much like a berry sparkling water.

Once your senses have moved past the Blue, the Dream begins to manifest. By growing an indica, almost pure with a sativa strain type "haze" you get a perfect hybrid.

You get the fast upward momentum of a sativa with a bright and euphoric feeling at first, with a hint of body-mellow warmth from the indica lineage. She's most often described as "floating" and that's pretty much the perfect description.

This balanced high makes Blue Dream an excellent introductory strain. She gives a mild sativa high without the associated paranoia, and a mild indica high without the couchlock. The average potency of Blue Dream is between 20% and 22% THC, but it can sometimes reach 26% THC. This is quite a potent strain, but provides a fun and still functional high.

blue dream indoor outdoor
blue dream outdoor

Blue Dream in the garden

Home growers and cannabis growers love Blue Dream because of her ease of growth and high yield. Although there are many variations of this plant, most Blue Dream cuts grow vigorously, both flowering and vegetating. Some cups of Blue Dream seem to be very resistant to powdery mildew, but Boytrits or "bud rot" is a common problem for this strain due to its larger colas and lack of air circulation. It is recommended to top the plant several times before flowering to avoid a large main cola, as it will be more susceptible to bud rot.

As an almost 50/50 sativa/indica hybrid, the flowering time is relatively shorter than most sativa strains. After 8-9 weeks of flowering, Blue Dream is ready to harvest. Compare that to your average sativa strain which can take 11 weeks or more, plus the fact that Blue Dream has a more upbeat 'sativa' high and a big yield, it makes sense for growers to cultivate her.

The real Blue Dream is a cloned strain, which means there are no seeds and the only way to get a cutting is to know someone who knows someone. Some seed companies have taken it upon themselves to reproduce seeds or create an inbred version, but this has led to the dilution of the Blue Dream name.

When the strain has become more popular outside of California, in places like Colorado and Washington, demand has skyrocketed at dispensaries. To meet this demand, it seems that even more counterfeit Blue Dream strains have been released. It's to the point that in Colorado, hardly any two dispensaries offer the same cup of Blue Dream.

A recent study by Anne Schwabe, a cannabis researcher in Colorado, showed that, using microsatellite genetic testing, samples of Blue Dream taken from multiple dispensaries in three states were all more or less genetically different from each other. . This means, unfortunately, that there is no consistency between the Blue Dream products you get from dispensaries. While this is true for many cannabis strains today, a by-product of the lack of cannabis regulation for so long, it seems to be a very obvious problem with Blue Dream. Buying this strain from different dispensaries can lead to some unexpected experiences.

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