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Many Americans are looking to join the cannabis industry, but growing up in the age of "Just Say No" means that even experienced cannabis users grew up with a lot of misinformation. To properly prepare for joining the cannabis world, as with the new professional business, education is key. List of the best cannabis education programs available in the United States and how you can access them. 

University of Oaksterdam (Oakland, CA)

The best cannabis training schools

Top honors for one of the most prestigious cannabis outlets go toOaksterdam University, one of the first American educational institutions focused on cannabis. Oaksterdam was founded in 2007 by Richard Lee, who also founded the Hemp Research Company et Oakland Civil Liberties Alliance.

The faculty and staff contains an impressive array of instructors, including renowned lawyer Dale Sky Jones and the highly respected horticulturalist Ed Rosenthal. Oaksterdam also offers courses taught by a large number of cannabis lawyers. For those looking to enter or grow in the cannabis industry, as the University says:

"Our law professors are not only teachers of the law, they have helped to draft the law."

Typical courses offered: Indoor & Outdoor Horticulture

Price per semester classic: 37 $ / hour or 1295 $;

Course duration: 14 weeks - $ 1295, 2 days: $ 545 - $ 845

Go here if you are: Fully committed to pursuing a career in the cannabis industry. Oaksterdam courses require a commitment of $ 100 application fee.

Cannabis Career Institute (variable location)

Cannabis Career Institute was founded by Robert Calkin, an instructor at the University of Oaksterdam, who specializes in the details of starting a delivery service. The training center is specifically focused on providing support and guidance for those looking to enter the medical marijuana industry, particularly with respect to compliance with laws and regulations. Classes are run daily at an affordable cost of $ 349 for the semester, offering certificates in culture, business management, food operation, budgeting, and dispensary management.

The best cannabis training schools
Cannabis Career Institute in Houtson

Cannabis Career Institute holds regular seminars in cities across the US, but does not have a permanent campus. Events often take place in cities booming with new cannabis laws, such as Little Rock, Arkansas and Orlando, Florida.

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Typical courses offered: culture, commerce, edibles, budgeting, clinic management

Price per event: 349 $ or 499 $ for VIP tickets

Course duration: 1 day, 10:00 am - 19:00 pm

Go here if: Looking for a crash course on how to start your own cannabis business. Classes require that tuition fees be paid as part of the reservation of a place in the class.

THC University (Online)

The best cannabis training schools
The THC University instructor giving a class

THC University is a great option for those who are independent and remote, but still interested in joining the cannabis industry. Offering online courses with 24 hours of support, THC University has seven certification courses: Horticultural Specialist, Certification Budtender, Cannabis Business, security and regulations (Colorado), security and regulation (Washington) and Cannabis Products Course. Master Horticulturist Jorge Cervantes leads the teaching and students are required to pass courses with at least 90 percent success ...

Jorge Cervantes-Garden-Update-Low-Light-Levels
Master Horticulturist Jorge Cervantes

Typical courses offered: Horticulture, Budtender Certification, Safety Regulations

Price per class: $ 49 per month, up to $ 449 per class

Course Length: Most students complete the course in 3 at 6 months

Go here if you are: a self-taught person who needs flexible hours, 24 hour online support.

Cannabis Training University (online)

cannabis training, training schools

Cannabis Training University offers courses online and once registered, students have a full year of access to courses, videos and ebooks. This is a great option for students with limited time, or unusual hours to devote to learning more about the cannabis industry. Students are encouraged to learn at their own pace, from any device, including laptops, tablets, and cell phones.

cannabis training, training schools

CTU was founded in 2009 in San Francisco as a platform for live seminars that covered as many aspects of the cannabis industry as possible within a 2 day period. The university was expanded in 2011 after successful seminars, to offer more hours of programming to students around the world at an affordable price.

cannabis training, training schools
Ed Rosenthal & Snoop Dog

Ed Rosenthal's texts make up a large portion of the available ebooks, but lectures from a number of other scientists, chefs, lawyers, horticulturalists, and outstanding MagicalButter CEO Garyn Angel are also included.

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ICI: Typical courses offered: Culture, budgeting, laws and regulations, How to open a dispensary and a delivery service

Price per year: 347 $

Course duration: Students have access to course material for one year.

Go here if you are: limited in time available to learn, but interested in earning certifications to enter the cannabis industry.

The Trichome Institute (Denver, CO and Online)

cannabis training, training schools

The Trichome Institute offers online training for sales and budgeting, but their specialty involves a process called "Interpening", in which students learn to identify and understand different strains of cannabis by interpreting the plant's terpene profile and flower structure. The interpening training course is comparable to a class for a wine sommelier, for students to be able to detect subtle and unique traits of different strains of cannabis through the use of guides, infographics, and certification courses.

cannabis training, training schools
Interpening school kit

Training courses Terpening have two levels, two of which require a one-day training course held at the Free University of Colorado, with an exam for level 2 students. Trichome Institute also offers a course Responsible Vendor, licensed from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and the Marijuana Enforcement Division, which can greatly benefit marijuana companies in Colorado. The Responsible Vendor course is taught jointly with Hemp Time, a staffing agency for the cannabis industry, guaranteeing you an additional level of expertise.

Typical training offered: Product & Sales Training for Budgeters, Application Manufacturing & Safety, Supplier Manager Training, Interpening Training (Level 1 & 2)

Price per class: $ 125 - 249

Course Length: Classes run from 3 to 4 hours, once a month, or are available online.

Go here if you are: serious, and motivated to play a role in the fully compliant cannabis industry, with a focus on expertise and product safety.

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