14 Best Indoor Strains 2016

the 14 best strains 2016 for indoor growing 16

The 14 best 2016 strains for indoor growing

Selection of the best cannabis strains that made the success of seeders & growers in 2016

#14 Zensation


Zensation belongs to a new generation of cannabis indica an extremely powerful selected following crosses of same strain is crossed with a stable white strain to finally get the Zensation. A supreme pleasure, Zensation smells of juniper and cedar on the palate, it has a pronounced taste of berries and cherries. The effect is very strong and long lasting, total relaxation of body and mind. This strain is very suitable for chronic pain. Suitable for biological or hydroponics.

THC: 20-24%
Indica / Sativa: 75% indica & 25% sativa
Effect: Chronic and persistent pain relief
Taste: Berries, Cherry
Flowering period: 8-9 weeks

# 13 Neville's Haze


Neville's Haze from Mr Nice Seeds is a cannabis strain dedicated to the father of all current seedsbank, Neville Schoenmakers. There is something very special about this ¾ sativa hybrid that any insider will recognize after smelling the scent of this fantastic strain. Regarding the result you will get with these cannabis seeds, know that this is an almost pure Haze with just a hint of indica (Nothern Lights)! Heavy and devastating indicas smokers, go your way, here we are dealing with an almost sativa hybrid! All the seed companies owe a lot to Neville for his breeding work, which allowed the emergence of all current cannabis strains. Neville's Haze is the result of crossing a pure Haze male and an NL5 / Haze female, resulting in an incredible plant, especially in terms of aromas, aromas and effects.

THC: 20-21%
Indica / Sativa: 75% sativa
Effect: High powerful, creative, no stress
Taste: Spicy, citrus (sweet and sour)
Flowering period: 12-14 weeks

Additional Information: For most people over the age of 40, this variety of cannabis will remind them of the lost flavors of the past. This variety is the most sativa of the catalog of Mr Nice Seeds (¾ sativa) but which will nevertheless allow you fantastic results in interiors with a reasonable duration of flowering.

#12 Aurora Indica


Aurora Indica is an F1 hybrid resulting from a cross between Afghan and Northern Light. Their plants remain small and squat. She produces a lot of resin and very dense buds. This strain produces a very dark hash with a pleasant taste and a very deep high.

THC: 15-20%
Indica / Sativa: Indica
Effect: Pure cerebral effect, deep trip
Taste: Herbal, fruity
Flowering period: 8-10 weeks

#11 Mazar


Mazar is an improved variety of the Afghan / Skunk. The Afghan part (Mazar-i-Sharif) is a very small plant that looks like a Christmas tree. Thanks to the crossing with Skunk # 1 it has increased performance and better flavor.

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1er Price Type of Strong Bologna 2008.
2e awards at the High Times Cup 1999.
2e Highlife Cup 2002 price.
Winner of the Soft Secrets Plant Of The Year Award 2014

THC: 20%
Indica / Sativa: Hybrid
Effect: High lasting, Relaxing
Taste: Earthy, fruity, Spicy
Flowering period: 7-9 weeks

#10 White Widow


White Widow has largely marked the minds of many cannabis enthusiasts since twenty years and this is no coincidence, since its soothing and healing properties are proven and numerous. By cultivating cannabis seeds White Widow, it perfectly suits there is a small space inside, but it can also be grown outdoors in a dry climate, warm and sunny or even a greenhouse. It is important to indicate that it has some sensitivity to mold. We recommend the widely for anyone who suffers from muscle tension, stress, anxiety, anorexia or insomnia.

THC: 26%
Indica / Sativa: Hybrid
Effect: Strong Sativa effect, creativity, cerebral, medical use
Taste: Fruity
Flowering period: 8 weeks

#9 Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman is another recent skunk strain with a huge production volume. New genetics make it possible to harvest over 1/2 kilo per square meter! Its big hard heads are easy to manicure. Wonder Woman has a rich Skunky taste with a good long lasting high.

THC: 26%
Indica / Sativa: Hybrid - Dominance Sativa
Effect: Euphoric, Very relaxing, medical use (stress, depression, insomnia)
Taste: Pungent, Fuel
Flowering period: 8-10 weeks

#8 Jack Herer


This breed was presented at the High Times Cannabis Cup in honor of Jack Herer, one of America's greatest cannabis activists and author of The Emperor Is Naked, the world's bestseller and cannabis bible. This multiple crossing result of years of intensive development, combines three of the biggest races of the world. JACK HERER produces so much resin that even the branches are covered in it. The exact composition will remain secret ...

THC: 18-24%
Indica / Sativa: Hybrid
Effect: Energetic, Euphoric, Creative
Taste: Earthy, woody
Flowering period: 7-9 weeks

High Times Magazine: “The luminary was heavy with crystals and resin; the high was immediate and psychedelic.

#7 Hay-Z


This seed is a cross between Super Silver Haze and Neville's Haze with the goal of creating a super sativa seed with a fresh aroma and strong, persistent brain effects. The Hay-Z is a seed for all lovers sativa, its effects 100% sativa tend to make you hover. This seed is a cross between Super Silver Haze and Neville's Haze with the goal of creating a super sativa seed with a fresh aroma and strong, persistent cerebral effects. This seed is ideal for many activities, making your perception more sensual and positive.

THC: 23%
Indica / Sativa 85% Sativa - 15% Indica
Effect: Powerful & persistent cerebral High
Taste: Aroma of freshness (herbal)
Flowering period: 9-10 weeks

#6 Durban Poison


A classic outdoor and indoor variety, resistant enough for outdoor growth at extreme north / south latitudes. She was brought to Holland from South Africa and crossed for a long time during the 70 years. In each generation, Durban Poison has always adapted to the windy and rainy conditions of northern Europe. During the breeding process, an unknown part of Indica genetics crossed with Durban. Buds are often dark green and resistant to mold and pests.

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THC: 19-22%
Indica / Sativa: Pure Sativa
Effect: Powerful Energy, Euphoria, Creative
Taste: Anise, licorice, cloves
Flowering: 12 weeks

#5 White Cookies


Variety whose genetics comes from White Widow and Girl Scout Cookie. Its yield is excellent and the abnormally high THC remains stable (19,25%). It is recommended for any user who would like a strong strong bodily effect, typical of indica varieties.

THC: 20%
Indica / Sativa: Hybrid with 60% Indica
Effect: Strong body effect
Taste: Aroma of freshness (herbal), sweet
Flowering period: 9 weeks

#4 Blue (Berry) Widow


Born of the union between a Blueberry and White Widow. The finality is a balanced strain, colorful, with many qualities and which is widely appreciated by many growers all over the world.The Blue Widow cannabis seed demonstrates all the richness and complexity of its parental heritage, because it is truly a delight. cannabis for many reasons.

THC: 19-22%
Indica / Sativa: Hybrid
Effect: Relaxing, Sedative, Euphoric
Taste: Forest fruits, sweet and sour
Flowering period: 8-10 weeks

#3 Jock Horror


The Jock Horror is a hybrid of Northern Light, Skunk and Haze, which causes an intense buzz. This variety produces a lot of resin, the Jock Horror has a unique fresh taste, and produces a strong and stimulating effect.

THC: 18-24%
Indica / Sativa: Hybrid - Dominance Sativa
Effect: Relaxing, Euphoric
Taste: Bay, sweet
Flowering period: 9-11 weeks

#2 Girl Scout Cookies


Variety created by selecting clones of this legendary variety Californian arrived to British genetic Britannique.Cette was created by combining a OG Kush in southern Florida with the variety Durban F1, although some sources suggest that it also contains a Cherry Kush proportion as well as an OG Kush backcross. Flexible enough to culture, it is recommended for anxiety problems and depression and physical pain and inflammation.

THC: 22%
Indica / Sativa: Dominant Indica
Effect: Relaxing, Euphoric, Medical Effect
Taste: Chocolate, Mint Spikes
Flowering period: 9-10 weeks

#1 Purple Afghan Kush


Variety Indica-dominant, born from the union of Purple Kush Pre'98 Bubba Kush. The purpose of this creation, enables us to obtain a delicious fruity variety soothing virtues, which speaks directly to cannabinoid experts as any farmer enjoying cannabis exceptional quality. This sublime Indica, which truly reaches a new height thanks to its unique fruity taste and aromatic qualities, which are accompanied by an intensely soothing effect for both body and soul.

She turns out to be a real beauty, thanks to her beautiful purple / lavender undertones that appear during flowering.Perfect for people who are looking for a strain that effectively promotes bodily, spiritual relaxation and is valuable for soothing muscle tension in for medicinal use.

1er price Indica Expogrow 2015
2th prize of the Copa Mega Cata Invernal MF 2015
3th prize Indoor Bio Spannabis Málaga 2015

THC: 25.5%
Indica / Sativa: Hybrid - 75% Indica
Effect: Relaxing, Cerebral, Medical Effect
Taste: Grape, Fruity, Sweet
Flowering period: 8-10 weeks

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