Seals offered for Donald Trump's inauguration

4.200 Joints Offered For Donald Trump's Investiture

4.200 seals offered for the inauguration of Donald Trump

Cannabis advocates in Washington DC plan to welcome the next Commander-in-Chief on his inauguration day by handing out thousands of seals. While Trump remains silent on legalization, organizers see his inauguration as an opportunity to voice their stance on cannabis.

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La Washington DC Pro Cannabis Coalition (DCMJ) plans to distribute thousands of seals for free on the day of President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration and address. The new President of the United States Donald Trump will make his inaugural declaration at the White House on January 20. And at exactly 4 minutes and 20 seconds into his speech, 4.200 seals will be lit in protest.

Obviously, 420 is widely recognized as a code or symbol of marijuana.

4.200 joints will be generously offered to the participants of Trump's inauguration, and this to recall the national debate around cannabis. The organizers of the event say that "this is certainly not an anti-Trump event, or even an attempt to disrupt the ceremony," reports WUSA 9.

"We will distribute grass for the inauguration and we will even encourage people to smoke during the speech. Says Adam Eidenger

Adam Eidinger, founder of DCMJ, an Initiative 71 group in Washington DC, said that

“The main message is that it is time to legalize cannabis at the federal level”.

Initiative 71

Initiative 71 recently ensured that any DC citizen can own up to two ounces of marijuana. As well as growing it and donating cannabis. However, initiative 71 still prevents the legal sale of the substance.

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Eidinger fears that the progress made during the Obama administration will be lost with Trump. In particular because of the appointment of rather special personalities… For example, the senator from Alabama suggested that marijuana is "dangerous". The senator plans to enforce federal law against all aspects of the cannabis plant ...

A not very cannabis team ...

The Cannabis Coalition's inaugural gifts are legal. But they are not allowed to be consumed on the premises (as planned at the National Mall…).

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“We're going to tell them that if they smoke on federal property, they risk being arrested. But, it's a form of civil disobedience, ”Eidinger said.

Washington DC enjoys legal cannabis, but there are many restrictions. The sale or donation of cannabis is illegal, contrary to appearances… But above all, we cannot smoke, eat or drink cannabis in a public space. Especially if that space is federal property. Sadly, the city of DC is dotted with federal parks, plazas and buildings that are considered federal land ...

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