Rastafarians in Italy are allowed to smoke to meditate

A lawyer in Italy successfully argues that cannabis is considered sacred to the Rastafarian religion

An Italian court acquitted a man of cannabis possession because he is Rastafarian and used cannabis for meditation. A case which concerns the Rastafarian religion and which has airs of deja vu not only in Italy ...

religion, Rastafari, Italy

Rastafarian religion acquitted in Italy

The 30-year-old man was arrested last May after police found eight grams of cannabis in his pocket and another 50 grams in his home ... A prosecutor has asked for his sentence to four months in prison. But his lawyer, Lucas Bruno successfully supported that he should be acquitted. And this because cannabis is considered sacred in the Rastafarian religion.

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religion, Rastafari, Italy
The court of Bari to be decided ...

Explaining the judgment, the Bari coastal city court said:

“Rastafarians are followers of a religion whose believers use marijuana for meditation. He added that the cannabis was only for personal use.

An air of "Deja vu" ...

The Rastafari religion developed in the 1930s in Jamaica. Rastafarians believe that Haile Selassie, a former Ethiopian emperor, is the reincarnation of God or a destined emissary. They say he will return to Africa with members of the black community who were transported away from the continent during the slave trade and colonization ...

religion, Rastafari, Italy
Italian Rasta Community

Marijuana has been at the center of the Rastafarian religion since its inception. And the act of smoking in religious discussion groups is called “reasonings”. Furthermore, this style of business is not new in Italy. Indeed the Italian Court of Cassation said in 2004 that Rastafarians used marijuana

“Not only as a medicinal herb, but also as a meditative herb and, as such, as a possible carrier of the psychophysical state for contemplation and prayer”.

religion, Rastafari, Italy
Victory of the Rastafari community in South Africa

Earlier this year, in South Africa, the Supreme Court of Western Cape made a decision that allows for the possession, cultivation and private use of marijuana in the home. Domestic cultivation is now legal in South Africa, a victory that is mainly due to the Rastafari movement there.

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