The European Union is moving towards cannabis reform

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European cannabis initiative partially approved

The European Commission has decided to partially register a European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) entitled "European Cannabis Initiative". The organizers propose three objectives:

The Commission has recorded partially the initiative, approving the second and third objectives, because they meet the conditions for registration. However, the first objective was rejected because it falls within the competence of the Commission to propose a legal act on this subject.

The Commission's decision on partial registration is legal in nature and does not prejudge its final legal and policy conclusions on the initiative. Organizers now have six months to collect one million signatures from at least seven EU member states to urge the Commission to consider the proposal further.

Transnational Initiative on Medical Marijuana and Research Reaches Milestone

In a related move, EU officials partially registered a transnational initiative on medical marijuana and research. Advocates are authorized to launch a signature drive, aimed at increasing access to medical marijuana and promoting research into its therapeutic potential.

The initiative outlines two approved objectives:

  1. Promote access to medical cannabis and authorize the transport of cannabis and its derivatives prescribed for therapeutic purposes to ensure the full enjoyment of the right to health.
  2. Allocate the necessary resources to research on cannabis for therapeutic purposes.

However, the third objective, which consists of convening a transnational citizens' assembly on cannabis policies, was rejected as it goes beyond the Commission's competence to propose a legal act.

The decision to partially register the initiative allows signature collection for six months, followed by a year to collect one million signatures from at least seven member states. The Commission will then decide whether to take action based on the proposal, explaining its reasoning.

This development coincides with ongoing discussions on cannabis reform in various EU member states, including Germany, which is moving to legalize cannabis nationally. The push for reform is part of a global trend of reconsideration of drug policies, as experts from UN and world leaders who are advocating for more humane and effective approaches.

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