The Channel Islands "at the head of Europe" in terms of medical cannabis

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Channel Islands fill over 2000 prescriptions for medical cannabis

In the English Channel, between the United Kingdom and France, the Channel Islands have a head start in medical cannabis, with more than 2 prescriptions issued. The Channel Islands are paving the way for a new economic sector, thanks to a more flexible approach than on the mainland.

Under the UK medical cannabis regime, general practitioners (GPs) are generally not able to routinely prescribe medical cannabis through the National Health Service (NHS). Only people with severe refractory epilepsy and other rare conditions are eligible, and parents often don't have time to wait. Endless bureaucratic nonsense makes obtaining a prescription nearly impossible. Two years after the law change in the UK, for example, only 10 NHS orders had been written. But in the Channel Islands, it's a different story.

The islands are governed by two Crown dependencies: the Bailiwick of Jersey and the Bailiwick of Guernsey. (Isle of Man, near Ireland, is the Crown's third largest dependency.) They are known as tax-friendly regulatory havens, and all have introduced new legislation to make it easier to invest in medical cannabis. As in the UK, cannabis is a banned Class B substance in the Channel Islands, which carries the corresponding penalties.

With tax relief and medical cannabis prescriptions, the Channel Islands are paving the way for a new economic sector.

The Channel Islands are "at the forefront of Europe" when it comes to medical cannabis treatment and the industry at large could one day be as big in Jersey as finance, experts say. Another sign of rapidly changing attitudes towards this plant, it has been revealed that 2000 cannabis prescriptions have been issued so far on the island.

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Dr Charlotte Cocks, who works at the local MedicamJersey clinic, said that recent legislative changes allowing the prescription of medical cannabis by treating physicians has made the island a true "test zone". “In Jersey and Guernsey, we are ahead in Europe, even compared to the United Kingdom, because here, general practitioners follow models that have been proven in Canada, the United States and Australia where prescriptions for medical cannabis exist. for many years »she said declared.

Currently UK GPs are not empowered to prescribe medical cannabis through the NHS.

In addition, Nicholas Morland, Managing Director of Tenacious Labs, told the Jersey Farming Conference that cannabis cultivation could one day compete with the financial industry and that the island should quickly make this plant the “Jersey Royal 2.0”. Before the rest of the world catches up with her (full article: page 5 of this weekend's EHD).

The NHS site says very few people get a prescription for medical cannabis in England and it is only prescribed for certain severe forms of epilepsy, for side effects from chemotherapy and for certain muscle stiffness due to it. spasms caused by multiple sclerosis.

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In most European countries where it is available by prescription, its use is similarly limited.

In Jersey, patients now have access to these prescription treatments and to clinics such as Medicann which offer consultations directly with patients or on the recommendation of a general practitioner or specialist.

Dr Cocks said the treatments were effective not only for people with chronic pain or problems sleeping, anxiety and mood disorders, but also for people at the end of life.

A general practitioner for over 30 years, she said she had to inquire - after initially being skeptical of claims about medical cannabis - following interest from patients themselves.

She stressed the importance of working ethically within the restrictions imposed by the special license required to prescribe this type of drug and of being consistent in its prescriptions.

We are under close review for this new drug and that is fine so let's take a look at it and celebrate the fact that we can now prescribe. If a general practitioner wants to learn more about the subject, he can join the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society. You don't have to be a prescriber, it's an educational forum and there are a number of webinars with prescribers that answer questions. We are trying to inspire people and help doctors help patients who are at a stalemate and don't know where to go, ”she said.

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