Belgium prepares amendment for legalization

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Minister Maggie De Block will legalize medical cannabis.

The Belgian drug law of 1921 prohibits anything related to cannabis. A changement is carried out on the production of medical cannabis. Health Minister Maggie De Block is preparing a royal decree on this matter.

Minister's Office From Block does not yet want to communicate on the precise content of the royal decree on which he is working. Indeed, the subject is considered sensitive. The amendment would come before the end of the legislature in 2019.

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Belgian Minister of Health Maggie De Block

Medicinal cannabis has a beneficial effect on muscle pain and nerve damage. It can also be used as a pain reliever for cancer patients and as a way to neutralize the negative side effects of chemotherapy.

Belgium does not want to miss the train of this fruitful market.

With the royal decree, the minister will meet the young company from Limburg Rendocan. The latter wants to develop and produce new types of medical cannabis.

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Joris Vanvinckenroye et Steven Peters, the founders of the company, collaborate with Hasselt University. “In fact, we are a biotech start-up, not a cannabis company,” says Vanvinckenroye. “Over the past few years, we have purchased seeds of various cannabis plants from various universities. As a result, we now have a unique genetic database. On this basis, Vanvinckenroye and Steven Peters want to work on what they call “cannabis 3.0”.

A laboratory dedicated to the production of medical cannabis

In Hasselt, a 500 square meter research laboratory is almost ready for use. Indeed, Rendocan hopes to start this year the development of the largest cannabis plantation in the world for medical use. The company has a 15 hectare site in Kinrooi, on the border with the Netherlands.

The first phase of the project requires an investment of around 20 million euros, which, according to Vanvinckenroye, will generate 100 new jobs.

“If the project is fully operational, job creation can go up to 1000 jobs. We want to produce 5000 kilograms of medical cannabis per year. He would mainly go abroad. "

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