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The 5 best legendary strains with high THC levels

Top 5 Legendary Cannabis Strains thc

The best cannabis strains of all time

If you have no idea which strain to grow and want to choose something that has been tested by hundreds of growers before you, you need one of the most sought after legendary strains in the business. To find out exactly which strains we're talking about, read on.

What makes a legendary cannabis strain?

Legendary is a word that comes up often, but what does it really mean to be a legendary cannabis strain? For us, it is all of the following:

  • A proven heritage and genetics
  • Exceptional references in terms of selection
  • Excellent reliability
  • World-class stability
  • Incredible resistance to disease
  • Proven results, that is, big juicy buds!

While there are many strains that claim to offer these attributes, few can prove it in the hands of novice and advanced growers. However, to save you the hassle of filtering out poor performance, we've scoured the earth to find the biggest and brightest strains out there.

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5 high THC cannabis strains worthy of legendary status

All of the strains below have more than proven their legendary status, and to top it off, they feature fantastic levels of THC. If you want to take care of some of the best strains in the business, look no further than the following:

amnesia haze
  • Amnesia Haze
    • Amnesia Haze (22% THC): Forged in the fires of the Dutch cannabis scene, Amnesia Haze has decades of successful cultivation to support her legendary status. Combine its reliability with an intensely euphoric high, and there's a lot to love. She may have a longer flowering time than usual, but with 600-650g / m² of buds possible (indoors), the wait is well worth it.
    white widow
  • White Widow
    • White Widow (19% THC) : Growers around the world instantly recognize White Widow's iconic name, though her true origins remain a mystery even today. However, that doesn't take away from her respectable flowering time (8-10 weeks) and strong performance in cooler climates. She has become a favorite among beginners, due to her robust nature and balanced high.
    sour diesel
  • Sour Diesel
    • Sour Diesel (19% THC) : Sour Diesel is world famous for several reasons, but its most notable attribute is its distinctive aroma. Incredibly pungent, the buds of this beauty ooze heavy chemical and herbaceous notes. If you've never tried a Diesel strain before, we highly recommend Sour Diesel as your first experience!
    northern lights
  • Northern Light
    • Northern Light (18% THC) : Another strain with a mysterious past, Northern Light has been making waves in the cannabis community since the early 70s. Since then, it has grown steadily, further enhancing its already iconic qualities. If you want a strain at the top of its game, look no further.
    skunk xl
  • Skunk XL
    • Skunk XL (17% THC) : With genetics from Colombian, Mexican and Afghan strains, Skunk XL can be considered the grandfather of cannabis. And as you would expect from a legendary pair of genetics, the Skunk XL spec sheet is an impressive read. Excellent yields, fantastic flowering time and a balanced high make her a legendary choice.
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    If you need any other legendary strain suggestions, feel free to check out our source. The great thing about cannabis is that there are a lot of great examples to choose from!

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