The 10 events around the world worth visiting in 2022


Cannabis and hemp activities and initiatives

With the cannabis industry flourishing around the world, events around the subject are also flourishing. From Europe to the United States via Australia, exhibitions, events, fairs and conferences are developing. This growing number is proof of the dynamism of the cannabis industry. The question of cannabis interests more and more people on all continents, through all these events, conferences and exhibitions the public can learn about developments in the various fields concerning cannabis. Some of these events have existed for many years and have allowed the evolution of certain laws, they have also contributed to the change of paradigm in mentalities. We have selected some that are worth seeing.

The Spannabis

The spannabis takes place from March 11 to March 13 in Barcelona, ​​Spain, the entrance fee is 20 euros for the day and 50 euros for the three days. This event is worth seeing, it is a huge forum on a global scale on cannabis which was held for the eighth time this year. All the biggest cannabis companies present their various products and their latest developments on more than 280 stands and pavilions on the site. The place also has a stage for conferences, on all areas concerning cannabis and organized by the World Cannabis Conference with many speakers from all over the world.

Tuesday Grass Nimbin

It has been held since 1993 on April 29 in Nimbim, New South Wales, Australia and the price is 55 Australian dollars without camping and 150 (with camping). it's a traditional event that aims to educate the public and change the cultural perception of cannabis. Its name is a pun referring to the Christian Mardi Gras holiday which remains popular in Australia. The event is a consecration of the love of cannabis with film screenings, shows and symposia, parties and laughter, in a friendly and liberated atmosphere.

Canafa Mundi

The event will take place this year from April 1 to 4 in Italy in Rome. The price is 8 euros per day or 15 euros for three days. The Canapa Mundi conference will be held at the Fiera di Roma which is a large hall in the center of Rome and this year, for the first time, it will be accessible online for free. More than 25 visitors are expected there, it is one of the largest gatherings in Europe. A panel of medical experts will promote legalization there. More than 000 stands will present their products, you will find the latest developments in culture material, material for smokers, all medicinal products and much more. Evenings, music and fashion shows will punctuate your visit.

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The Kanaba Fest

It takes place in Gdansk, Poland from May 7 to 8. Admission is 10 zlotys for the day and 15 zlotys for both days. This is the sixth edition and for the first time it will take place in the shipyard of the port city of Gdansk, it is an urban area from the hipster milieu. Local cannabis brands will take center stage at this event. There will also be a site reserved for the exchange of knowledge in various fields concerning cannabis. If you are a fan of Eastern European urban culture, this festival is for you. It is specified that it is forbidden to smoke outside the dedicated areas.

Canna Trade

It is held from May 20 to 22 in Bern, Switzerland, the price is 39 Swiss francs for the three days. It is a large exhibition that has been held since 2001 and receives business leaders in many cannabis and hemp subfields. Everything related to cannabis is there, oils, flowers, food, different cultivation methods are represented. Remember that cannabis with a THC level of less than 1% is legal in Switzerland. All in all a great trade fair with a great atmosphere with chills and good food.


Organized in Prague in the Czech Republic, it will take place from June 4 to 6, the price is 12 euros for the three days in pre-payment, 16 euros on site. For its eleventh edition will present a very complete program of conferences led by many experts in different fields. On more than 20000 square meters, companies will be able to show their products such as smoking accessories, cosmetics and much more.

mary jane berlin

The party will take place from July 15 to 17. Ticket sales have not yet started, but last year the price was 50 euros for the three days. Germany has a progressive and non-discriminatory cannabis policy. This gathering takes place every year in East Berlin is really fun. The event is mostly a trade fair and is combined with a cultural festival. With approximately 30000 visitors and more than 35 cannabis products are presented and sold on site.

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Hanf Parade

Also in Berlin, the Hanf parade is a march in favor of the legalization of hemp and cannabis that has been taking place for 26 years. It takes place every year on August 13 with free access. The organizers defend the rights of users and wish to reduce the prejudices that still persist. They also wish to encourage the rediscovery of the different uses of the plant in fields such as medicine, industry, etc. The year behind, because of the corona, there were only 3 participants, there is no doubt that this year there will be more. In Berlin, the march is considered a celebration of freedom. If you are in the area, it is worth going.

Hanfparade in Berlin – English Main Page

Can't do

This fair is held in autumn in kyiv in Ukraine, recently its price was 125 UAH, a little less than 5 euro. This is an event combining awareness, consumption and cultivation of cannabis, the objective of the organizers is to increase the visibility of Ukraine with regard to the uses of cannabis. Given the current situation, it's a safe bet that this gathering will not take place.

B. Beez Kun – MJBIZCON

The event will be held November 15-18 in Las Vegas, online access is $149 and can go up to $899 for full access to all conference events. It is surely the biggest cannabis event in the world. It will take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center, a huge space of more than 23 square meters that will host nearly 000 top-notch speakers from the global cannabis industry who will speak at conferences on various aspects of cannabis. Growers, retailers, entrepreneurs, developers will present their products and innovations. The complete list is not yet available, but it is clear that this year the large-scale event will be of great importance. You may already have access to the trailer to get an idea. Ticket sales to the public will begin in May.


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