How long does THC stay in the body?

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Scientists are still struggling to grasp the metabolic schedules of THC. This information may be essential in case of salivary test or urine test. cannabinoid transformation process in the body is one of the most complex encountered in science.

Take a saliva or urine test?

Unlike alcohol, the presence of THC in the bloodstream is not always a good indicator of intoxication. So, about 75% of the consumption is gone after half an hour. Indeed, this is what reminds Mark Levine, Vermont Health Commissioner.

About 90% of the THC in the blood disappears after an hour and a half. It does not matter whether it's smoking, vaping or ingesting, he adds.

Meanwhile, the "clinical" effects - the potential impairment - "persist for up to four hours after smoking and twelve hours after ingesting THC," writes Levine.

Traces persist much longer in body fat and in the brain. They are gradually excreted in body waste.

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Half of the THC in a user's body is usually eliminated in this way within 36 hours.

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Half of the THC in the body is usually eliminated within 36 hours

This rate of release, known as the “half-life”, continues for 36 hours after a toking or ingestion session.

“The elimination half-life is longer in regular cannabis users,” Levine added.

“So overall,” he writes, “while a blood test might be negative after 24 hours, urine tests after a single use can be positive for a month and in long-term / heavier users (without reference to weight) . can be positive for a minimum of a week, possibly up to three months. " 

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a blood test might be negative after 24 hours

Thus, researchers have not yet fully understood how and where THC behaves in the body. "The concept of" traceable quantities "is complex. "

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