The 7 benefits of Δ-9 THC

THC Develops Therapeutic Health Benefits Here Are 7 Of The Most Important

The THC cannabinoid, Δ-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, is the most famous psychoactive cannabinoid, mainly because it is responsible for our “high” effect. It also contains strong medical potential and is particularly attractive to recreational cannabis users. Beyond the known psychoactive effect, THC is also responsible for certain medical characteristics of the plant. These qualities have been tested and confirmed by numerous studies conducted in various countries. Here are 7 health benefits and benefits of THC.

1. analgesic

Cannabis helps many patients with chronic pain alleviate their ailments.
THC acts through endocannabinoid system receptors in the body
It acts as an excellent very powerful natural analgesic

2. Treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder

One of the short-term effects of THC is mild, temporary memory disruption. Many see it as a drawback but not in people with PTSD post-traumatic stress disorder. THC sets up the same mechanism and helps them move forward and cope better with difficult memories. A study published in 2014 found that THC can cure the damage associated with PTSD. Medicinal cannabis is also used by American veterans.

3. Relief of nausea and vomiting

Cancer patients often suffer from a feeling of overwhelming disgust. This upheaval is due to the deleterious effect of chemotherapy treatments and the body's desire to eliminate toxins. THC can alleviate these feelings by helping the body deal with toxins. Thus, the quality of life of patients is improved.

4. Appetite stimulation

THC causes an increase in the activity of bacteria in the stomach. The “munchies” phenomenon represents the pressing desire to eat. In some patients, the appetite effect is the essence of the treatment. Especially in cases with gastrointestinal problems such as Crohn's disease. For those who are under the influence of various drugs, the need to encourage natural appetite is important.

5. Glaucoma treatment

Studies in the 70s found that cannabis helps relieve most symptoms of eye disease. from which glaucoma patients suffer. and others, especially diseases that put pressure on the optic nerves. The reduction of pressure on the nerve prevents their disintegration and therefore also their death (The process occurs at a later stage of the disease). The use of cannabis actively protects the eyesight of patients and rejects the deterioration of the disease. In Israel, glaucoma has entered the list of indications for medical marijuana license.

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6. Relief from sleep disturbances and insomnia

Numerous studies carried out in sleep laboratories around the world show that cannabis contributes to a good quality of sleep on many parameters including the time to fall asleep which is shorter, in particular the REM ("rapid eye movement"). ) which is also shorter.
Cannabis is an even more effective treatment for serious sleep problems such as insomnia (chronic insomnia) compared to most of the chemical substitutes available to the public in drugstores, it is obviously the safest to use.

7. Assistance in the treatment of asthma

Several studies in American universities have found that doses of THC help stop asthma attacks: THC causes the bronchi to widen and provides free and relaxed breathing. The THC molecules anesthetize the sensitive areas in the throat causing the seizures and effectively calm them until the seizure stops. Since smoking is generally not recommended for health and can cause serious dangers, the recommended method of treating asthma is by spraying.

In 1982 Professor Raphael Mechoulam had already quoted "if cannabis were legal, it would immediately replace 10% to 20% of the drugs currently used"
Professor Raphael Mechoulam, the Israeli chemist who discovered THC 50 years ago, received an honorary degree from Ben-Gurion University for his study of cannabinoids. Despite the political difficulties that accompanied Mechoulam's work, the American Anti-Drug Authority (NIDA) gave him an award in 2011 for his unique work which made the project of his life.

In Summary: The Health Benefits of THC

Smoking marijuana is nothing new, the practice has been around for centuries. The world has finally started to appreciate the health benefits of the cannabis plant which improves mood and behavior by calming the nerves. Consumers can access the cannabis plant in different forms, such as oil, chocolate, gums, and drinks.

Benefits for physical health : It is easier to talk about fitness because most people understand the aspect of physical health than that of mental well-being.

  • Lung capacity : While cigarettes are very harmful to the lungs, weed is not. Contrary to popular belief, smoking weed actually improves lung capacity and functionality.
  • Pain relief : Cannabis is a source of pain relief therapy. People with chronic pain should try applying CBT oil to their body and having a gentle massage to see instant result.
  • Weight Loss : Cannabis plants are known to help with weight loss if consumed in moderation. Many people in America suffering from obesity could benefit from this aspect of cannabis. Those who don't feel like smoking weed can go for CBT gums, which are the best options.
  • The cancer : Cancer survivors know the disease is incredibly difficult to overcome. They often experience a blinding pain that is beyond all their senses. Doctors prescribe them recreational drugs to help them overcome their illness. Medical marijuana has been licensed in states like Oregon for many years, and its use is legal, both for medical and recreational purposes. Marijuana can be easily purchased at medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries in Oregon.
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Mental Health : Mental health issues are as important as physical health. Modern science has come a long way in detecting and determining the causes and symptoms of various mental health problems.

  • Anxiety : The way of life has changed dramatically over the past two decades. Many factors contribute to anxiety disorders and panic attacks. To calm the nerves, doctors may prescribe smoking a smaller proportion of marijuana. People who smoke weed are less prone to anxiety.
  • The Depression : People can suffer from immense pain and sadness which can be caused by personal tragedy. It has happened that a person could not recover from the sadness they felt after the death of a loved one or after going through a terrible breakup. This overwhelming sadness does not allow them to go about their daily lives. To recover from this numbing depression and calm the nerves, all you need to do is smoke a joint. Self-care is always essential to lead a healthy life.
  • L'hypertension : People with hypertension and its various side effects may wish to benefit from a relaxing massage with CBT oil, which can help soothe nerves and improve a person's sleep quality. A good, long night's sleep is essential for the proper functioning of the body.

Smoking weed also helps prevent symptoms of PTSD and schizophrenia, and improves cognitive abilities. Writers and artists of all generations have taken certain forms of drugs to heighten their ability to perform. Smoking weed is the gateway to reaching the higher truth which allows access to the subconscious. People smoke weed not only for reasons of physical and mental health, but also for the aspect of spirituality. Make conscious decisions to take care of yourself and lead a life of happiness.

Consuming THC is not without its risks

The possibility of binge drinking exists with any substance that affects brain function, and cannabinoids are no exception. Although many cannabis users are able to quit without a problem, 2-6% of users find it difficult to quit.

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