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"People will tire of THC and start developing their palate for cannabis terpenes," predicts neuroscientist Adie Poe.

According to neuroscientist Adie Poe, the future of cannabis know-how lies in the terpenes cannabis and not in THC. The co-founder and scientific leader of the habu health research group recently spoke with Civilized about the life in the cannabis industry, the origin of the opioid epidemic and what she would say Donald Trump if she had 30 seconds of her time.

Dr. Adie Poe

A highlight of cannabis terpenes

What is the forecast for the cannabis industry in five years?

I think two things are disappearing: people will get tired of THC, and soon. At present, legalization is so recent that consumers are just chasing the highest power at the lowest price. It is as if the prohibition of alcohol had been lifted. Everyone rushed to celebrate with cheap piquette.

Of course, there will always be people who just want to get the most possible effects for the least money. However there are so many different types of plants that can produce many different experiences. People will start reducing their doses and buy less potent cannabis. They will also start developing their palates with cannabis terpenes. I think there will also be a huge change in consumption; It is very likely that we will look back one day and think, "How could we have set this beautiful plant on fire? "

What change would you like to see happen in the cannabis industry?

This whole industry has been built on the backs of people who have lost their freedom or their lives. This Saturday morning, people from all walks of life will be going to the clinic, while countless others will continue to serve sentences for selling the same amount of cannabis or even less.

We have seen states, cities and counties make the right choices by offering the removal of drug-related criminal records. But very often, the damage has long weighed on these people. I would like to see more industry-sponsored legal aid for people whose lives have been affected by cannabis lawsuits. I would like to see jobs in the industry reserved for these people, especially for people of color.

What is the biggest misconception about the marijuana industry?

Most people think that the green gold rush is always a thing. The reality is that some of the hardest working people in this industry are those who benefit the least financially. The tax burden is unfair to small businesses trying to have sustainable and fair business practices. They remain consistent with the law, make a difference in their communities, and retain good employees.

Why is it such a challenge for people to understand the medical benefits of cannabis? Why do opioids have such a hold on our society?

People are formatted by their belief systems and their fear. The evidence is clear, cannabis is arguably the safest psychoactive substance on earth. He also has irrefutable scientific support for treating many symptoms and improving many disease states. It is naturally difficult for people to override their belief systems from generation to generation. Not everyone bases their opinion on pure evidence and logic. But in the words of Neil Degasse Tyson, "What's great about science is that it's true, whether you believe it or not. "

It is not surprising that opioids exert such an influence on our society. These molecules have an absolutely strange ability to divert our brain in a way that no other substance can.

The major change over the last decade has been the offending character of the overdose epidemic. It was thought that there was a distinction between people who took pills for pain and those who injected illicit drugs.

The reality is that the brain does not care where the molecules come from.

By the time we fully understood this, it was too late. People from all walks of life were dying, some following the recommendations of their doctors. Opioids are dangerous. Cannabis, a lot less.

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