Terpenes, beers and CBD the perfect partnership

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Portland-based Coalition Brewing and True Terpenes Partner to Showcase CBD-infused Terpenic Beers

Portland Brewing Coalition is a brewery that believes in the community. Since 2010, the craft brewery is bringing the American brewing experience to the community. Recently, owners Kiley Hoyt and Elan Walsky expanded their community efforts with a festival that highlighted two of the most exciting components of the cannabis industry: terpenes and CBD. Components needed to create terpenic beers infused with CBD.

The Brewing Coalition

One of the objectives of the Coalition was to create a series of beers infused with CBD and terpenes. As Walsky says:

"The purpose of the project is to highlight the commonalities that exist, not only between hops and hemp, but also between all these different aromatic compounds and these different agricultural products used in beer and in the cannabis industry. "

True Terpenes Welcomes being part of their community - not just as Portland residents - but by helping to create the best beers.

True Terpenes products

Creating a beer with terpenes has been an exciting and interesting challenge for the Coalition. One of the terpenes creations being produced is Sets. The brewery worked consistently to create beer Sets, with some OG Kush for its popularity and the way it corresponded to the aromatic profiles of hops used.

Towards the end of 2017, Coalition released its first CBD beer.

The Two Flowers Beer Festival

To celebrate the upward trend in CBD-infused beers, the Coalition organized the FSC Two Flowers 420 with Growlerwerks. The festival featured a list of all terpene beers infused in the CBD, including Coal Beers such as Hemp Nut Brown, Two Flowers IPA

The Coalition had optimistic hopes for the day, but the turnout stunned them.

"We had a tail around the building for about six hours," recalls Walsky. "It was a really exciting thing. To our knowledge, it was the first festival of its kind. "

True Terpenes was proud to participate in the festivities with their sensory station. There, the guests could feel different terpenes and get an idea of ​​an interesting and emerging aspect of cannabis.

The horizon for the Coalition's brewing

With relatively new terpenes in the brew, Walsky is just starting to see the future of the Coalition and other breweries:

"I think you will see a lot of exciting things happen. So stay tuned for more details. "

The Coalition also has a series of beers coming out in the weeks and months ahead. As the Pineapple Upside Down, And the Crime of Passion. Coal beers can currently be found in the Pacific Northwest across Oregon and in southwestern Washington. Bars, restaurants in the area are concerned but all specialty stores, and even the main food stores ...

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