The Telegrass organization has been dismantled

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One of the largest illegal online sales networks has just been captured

A huge operation carried out by the Israeli police with the Cyber ​​and Lahav 433 units (GIGN equivalent) led to the arrest of all the most senior members of the network Telegrass. Its leaders are accused of having led a criminal organization and selling tens of tons of cannabis and drugs and tens of millions of shekels.

Telegrass, the cannabis supermarket

Telegrass, which is used by the encrypted messaging application Telegram, generated estimated monthly revenues of 60 million NIS (Israeli shekel).

Israeli police arrested 42 drug trafficking suspects via the Telegrass distribution network on Tuesday, ending one of the largest drug deals in the Hebrew state.

The network was the subject of several months of undercover investigation by the Israeli police. Local authorities have stated that they work with foreign law enforcement agencies, including in the United States, Ukraine and Germany. Some of those arrested have been arrested abroad.

The arrests mainly concerned heads of the organization and other senior executives, such as the founder of the network, Amos Dov Silver - an Israeli-American who lived in the United States to escape Israeli prosecution; he was arrested in Ukraine. Arrests also took place in Germany and the United States.

Trap tended by police and social networks

Cannabis-Israel magazine reports for the first time that the reason for Silver's arrival in Ukraine, where he was arrested as mentioned above, is apparently a trap that the police have set for him.

Silver was invited to Ukraine by an anonymous person who asked to be invited to a wedding on 11.3, and especially to be his witness at the festive event.

According to reports received by the magazine, it appears that the client, who was acting on behalf of the police, also purchased the plane ticket from the United States to Ukraine.

“They made him come to Ukraine to participate in the marriage as a witness. He has a lot of fans, so he probably thought he was one of them and wanted to make him happy. "

The organization is made up of dozens of administrators of various senior ranks, thousands of dealers, and is estimated to have more than 100 members.

According to the police, those arrested are charged with offenses related to the management and financing, trade and supply of dangerous drugs in connection with a criminal organization and other related offenses. Employees were paid either in cash, bitcoin, drugs or other means that could help camouflage the source, police said.

The accused will be placed in pre-trial detention on Sunday before the Correctional Court of Nazareth and Rishon Lezion. Police said they were looking to extend the detention of those arrested until the investigation was completed.

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Published byטלגראס - TeleGrasson Monday March 11 2019

Telegrass sells not only marijuana, but also MDMA (ecstasy), LSD, cocaine and other illicit drugs.

The network includes tens of thousands of users.

According to police estimates, drugs representing hundreds of millions of shekels were sold as part of the organization's activities in Israel, for a total weight of several tens of tonnes.

"This is an international case involving the operation of a criminal organization in the network with infrastructure in Israel and worldwide, which manages a network of dangerous drug trafficking and other offenses," said reported the police.

These arrests took place one day after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared to the Likud television that he would investigate the legalization, and the same day that Labor leader Avi Gabbay admitted in a radio interview that he himself had smoked weed.

"I'm looking into the issue you raised," said Netanyahu when asked about cannabis. "I'll get back to you soon." It is possible that this could happen. "

Although recreational use is illegal in Israel, the previous government helped loosen regulations on medical cannabis, by passing a law to allow more cultivation and export.

Facebook admits: we helped expose Telegraph officials

According to the report, Facebook provided police with personal information about the organization's director, Amos Silver, as well as other Telegrass executives, including private messages, location, identity and personal information.

The information transferred includes not only data from the social network, but also from the Whatsapp messaging application belonging to Facebook.

A surprising revelation from journalist Dori Ben-Israel on the mizbala newspaper.

This was made possible, among other things, by a strange decision by Telegraph officials to frequently communicate with cartel leaders outside of Telegram via the Whatsapp application, on secret Facebook profiles and groups.

This is a cooperation that has been going on for several months and involves several Facebook units, including managing director Adi Sofer-Thani, the Facebook security and intelligence unit led by Nick Lubarian, a relatively new company that s occupies cyber-intelligence and operates, among other things, from its offices in Dubai and San Francisco.

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