Solar-powered car combined with hemp to start production at the end of 2021

The Aptera

Aptera: A solar bat-mobile made from hemp components

Solar-powered vehicles built from hemp are booked with a San Diego automaker, which is expected to go into production by the end of 2021.

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History of the hemp car

In 1941, Henry Ford unveiled the soy car . But production was derailed when World War II broke out. The exact ingredients are not known, although Ford historians believe the car was constructed from hemp, wheat straw and linen held together by a soy resin.

In 2016, we also saw the prototype of a Raven made from the chassis of a convertible Mazda, a true sports car made from hemp and produced carbon neutral.

Clean tech developments continue to threaten traditional vehicles

The hemp car gives new meaning to the term "green machine" and may soon be seen on the highways. While solar-powered vehicles have been a dream for more than half a century, this year could be the year of mass production of solar-powered vehicles from a California assembly line.

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8000 people have already deposited deposits on an Aptera solar vehicle which hopes to be in production by the end of the year.

A hemp Batmobile

The "Batmobile" type profile has been profiled to have minimum wind resistance. Instead of steel, the body is a composite of carbon, Kevlar and hemp. These composites are used for racing cars, like Formula 1, to ensure strength and safety. The vehicle is designed to reduce wind resistance, which affects range.

Price is another key factor in making it attractive. Depending on the model, the range should be between $ 26000 and $ 46000. The Aptera can be plugged in when driving long distances or on a cloudy day. A factory is under construction in San Diego and the co-founders estimate that the sales of 2000 vehicles per year would be necessary for the viability of the company, but its target would be 10 times greater in the future.

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Aperta Motors, a young clean vehicle construction company, has developed a three-wheeled vehicle that can carry two people, other panels can be installed on the hood and the tailgate to extend its range up to 1600 km.

By comparison, its two biggest competitors, the Tesla Model 3 and Lucid Air, sell for $ 36000 and $ 77400, respectively.

The emission-free vehicle is also equipped with a 100 kWh battery that can be plugged in to supplement solar power. With solar power alone, it can travel 70 km per day.

laptera in hemp
Aptera Motors' EV solar hybrid in Black charging in the sun Photo: Aptera Motors

Aptera aims for 20000 per year as they develop a fleet of models

  • The company has confirmed that it has raised around $ 4 million as part of the Series A cycle funding
  • It is now backed by investors, including Sandy Munro of Munro & Associates
  • In just two months, Paradigm pre-orders already exceeded 7000 units

Every piece of plastic in the world can and should be made from hemp.

The startup hopes to have 10000 copies on the road by next year.

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