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Global success of Pot Farm

Global success of Pot Farm
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Global Success Pot Farm - Pot Farm, the world's largest cannabis community

Pot Farm is a social networking game, an agricultural simulation developed by East Side Games in 2010. The game is similar to Happy Farm and Farmville, except that it focuses on growing cannabis. But Pot Farm is also the largest cannabis community on earth, a game that brings together more than 20 million players in total on facebook, more than the population of a city like Amsterdam.



The gameplay proposes to manage a large-scale cannabis plantation (farm), as well as the harvest of different strains of cannabis, the manufacture of derivatives. Most plants, quests and achievements are named based on real elements from the underground cannabis culture.

Its gameplay is a true large-scale tutorial explaining the differences between marijuana strains such as OG Kush, Super Silver Haze and Pineapple Express ... The game will invite you to defend your weed against dust mites and take care of your installation , water pumps, lights etc ...


In the end, you'll store your favorite marijuana strains, and fill up your order book for sale or share it between "friends" via Budbook, a social network specifically designed for gambling.

The largest cannabis community on earth

There is no doubt that the Pot Farm game played a major role in the success of the current marijuana grow. Evidenced by the strong community involvement, which followed the development of Pot Farm on the Android system.


From space cake to the dispensary to manage, Pot Farm includes all aspects of the real world, including potential buyers whether they are virtual or real ... With more than 10 millions of downloads on mobile, Pot Farm: Grass Roots can claim to be the game on the most popular weed of the world.


The team behind the game was inspired by the public, maintaining original graphics that follow the era of time, and regular updates rich in "real" information. This combination of a rare and addictive aesthetic keeps the players in suspense for more than 6ans ...


The success of the "Pot Farm" brand is based primarily on the loyalty of its audience, which defines it as a cult game, a phenomenon that includes even non-players, which is more than 20 millions of people around the world.

Economic success

At the end 2010, it was estimated developers earnings 148.000 Dollars per month, at the time there were more than a million players ... With its clever system of chips, East Side Games offers a "free" game, the income is generated by the players, that is to say by the gameplay itself.


But the success story does not stop there, Pot Farm has become a range of products, including many spin-offs to the game world including a board game


Pot farm is currently available on Facebook and now on Android as Pot Farm: Grass Roots and downloadable on iOS under the title of Bud Farm: Grass Roots.

To download on Google Play

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