Study: Scarification of Cannabis Seeds and Certain Disinfectants Improve Germination Rates

seed scarification

Development and optimization of the disinfection protocol and the method of scarification by machine learning for improved in vitro germination of cannabis seeds

Une nouvelle survey conducted by three researchers from the University of Guelp in Ontario, Canada demonstrated that cutting off the tips of cannabis seeds - a process called scarification - could shorten germination times and increase germination rates as growers attempt to disinfect the seeds. They also experimented with different cannabis genotypes to come to this conclusion.

Nickel plating of plant seeds: why you should cut seed coats before planting

Which seeds need to be tapped? Seeds with an impermeable shell can benefit the most from the notching. Large or hard seeds such as beans, or nasturtium often require scarification for optimal germination. Most plants in the tomato and cannabis families also have impermeable seed coats and germinate best after scarification. Seeds that have a low germination rate or are rare should also be carefully nicked to increase the chances that you will get them to germinate.

scarification technique 1
Scarification technique

They found that soaking the materials in 4,6% sodium hypochlorite and 0,008% hydrogen peroxide for almost 17 minutes gave the best result while getting no contamination.

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The study also indicated that in vitro germination of seeds with scarification of cannabis and this disinfectant method could improve the efficiency of the search for new cultivars and the search for better genetics.

“Our protocols can be implemented to reduce contamination and increase the germination rate of large-scale pheno-hunting and breeding programs for this economically important crop,” the authors wrote.

In addition to using a scalpel to remove the tip of the seed, the researchers also suggested that using sulfuric acid for scarification might be more effective.

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