According to this new study, cannabis use outside of working hours has no negative impact on workers' performance

San Diego State University Professor Finds After-Hours Cannabis Use Has No Impact on Workplace Performance

A survey from San Diego State University showed that after-hours cannabis use did not have negative effects on performance in the workplace, but found a negative correlation between people who used cannabis before and during work and work performance.

Researchers set out to determine the effects of different types of cannabis use (before, during and after working hours) on job performance, particularly with regard to essential job requirements, assistance to colleagues or their organizations and counterproductive behavior in the workplace.

They also looked at the main job requirements (called “job performance” in the study), willingness to help the organization or colleagues (called “civic behavior”) and counterproductive work behavior of employees. employees by surveying 281 employees and their direct supervisors. . Participating employees and managers were recruited via social media and with the help of college business students, although cannabis use was not required of survey participants.

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In fact, Dr Jeremy Bernerth, professor of management at the Fowler College of Business at San Diego State University and co-author of the study, suggested that after-hours cannabis use may in fact offer certain work-related benefits.

“People who decide to use cannabis after finishing their work may be able to distract themselves from the stressful issues of work. The relaxation induced by cannabis can help employees regain the energy expended during the day and they can then return with more stamina to devote to their work when they return to work ”. in a statement by Dr Bernerth

Jack Walker, professor of management at the Raymond J. Harbert College of Business at Auburn University, joined Bernerth for this study, which interviewed 281 employees and their direct supervisors on “civic behavior”. -stating their willingness to help the organization or their colleagues on a voluntary basis. Participating employees and supervisors were recruited through social media and with the help of business students at the university, although cannabis use was not required of participants.

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Each employee was asked about the frequency and timing of their cannabis use in relation to their workstation. Managers were asked to assess their employee's performance, their civic behavior and any counter-productive behavior at work.

The researchers found that supervisors more often reported a decrease in civic behavior and counterproductive work behavior among employees who used cannabis before and during working hours, but no "significant change in any dimension of work performance when employees used cannabis after work ”.

Bernerth added that since the study did not find negative effects when employees consume cannabis after work, organizations would be "very much obliged to provide legally defensible justifications for pursuing policies banning all forms of use. of cannabis ”.

Bernerth said the study is the first in nearly two decades to "study cannabis use in relation to work behaviors."

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