Study finds hemp extract delays aging process in bees

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Impressive impact of hemp extract on the antioxidant system of the organism of the bee (Apis mellifera)

A Polish study found that a hemp extract given to bees not only gave these insects the boost of antioxidants they needed, but also slowed the aging process.

For such an important insect, which pollinates many crops around the world, bees have a tough life. Bee populations have experienced a significant decline due to significant susceptibility to parasites, widespread use of pesticides, and the effects of climate change.

Maybe we can give the bees a boost with hemp?

Researchers from the Department of Invertebrate Ecophysiology and Experimental Biology at the Lublin University of Life Sciences studied the effects of a hemp extract on the activity of the antioxidant system in the hemolymph of adult honey bees (Apis mellifera). Hemolymph is the fluid equivalent to blood found in most invertebrates.

The bees were divided into three groups: one group was fed pure sugar syrup and cotton strips soaked in hemp extract, another was fed a mixture of sugar syrup and hemp extract administered by syringe, and a control group was fed a mixture of sugar and a solution of water and glycerin.

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The highest antioxidant activities were observed in the syringe-fed cannabis group, and their lifespan was increased to 52 days. For the group that fed on strips of cotton soaked in sugar syrup and strips of hemp, the lifespan was 49 days. For the control group fed only sugar syrup, it was only 35 days.

“Hemp extract, thanks to its antioxidant properties, increased the activities of key antioxidant enzymes that protect bee organisms against free radicals and thus delay aging processes,” the researchers report. “…We believe that hemp extract may in the future help improve the natural immunity of honey bees and help them fight against environmental pollution and increased oxidative stress. »

The results were published in the review Antioxidants.

Bees love hemp and previous studies have shown that this plant can be an essential nutritional resource during times when other food sources may be scarce. But not all hemp grown is useful to bees, crops for CBD production are not beneficial because it is the flowers that are harvested. The best hemp crops for these important pollinators are those grown for seeds and fiber.

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