Study: Cannabis use and obesity not linked in patients with HBV

hepatitis B virus

Cannabis use is not associated with being overweight and helps fight obesity in patients with hepatitis B virus

French study in Marseille reveals that cannabis use is associated with lower obesity rates in hepatitis B patients, according to data published in the journal Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research.

A team of researchers affiliated with the National Institute of Health in France assessed the relationship between cannabis use and body weight in a cohort of 3700 patients diagnosed with chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection. .

After taking certain factors into account, the researchers found that subjects who had used cannabis had a 59% lower risk of central obesity (based on waist circumference) than subjects who had never used cannabis. . Cannabis use was also significantly associated with a lower risk of being overweight.

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The authors concluded : Cannabis use is associated with lower risks of overweight and obesity in patients with chronic HBV infection. Future studies will need to verify whether the benefits of cannabis and cannabinoid consumption translate into reduced progression of liver disease in this high-risk population.

Previous studies of representative cohorts at the territory level have also indicated that cannabis use is linked to lower obesity rates with a lower body mass index. Several other studies have also reported that marijuana is associated with a reduction in the prevalence of non-alcoholic stenosis (cirrhosis).

results: Among the 3706 patients in the study population, 50,8% had central obesity, 34,7% were overweight and 14,4% were obese. After multivariate adjustment, current cannabis use was associated with a 59% lower risk of central obesity compared to no use during the lifetime (adjusted odds ratio [95% CI]: 0,41 [0,24 to 0,70]). It was also associated with a 54% and 84% lower risk of overweight (adjusted risk ratio [95% CI]: 0,46 [0,27 to 0,76]) and obesity (0,16, 0,04 [0,67 to XNUMX]), respectively.

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Conclusion: Cannabis use is associated with a decrease in overweight and obesity among patients with chronic HBV-type infection, further studies should follow in this area.

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