Study: Balanced Cannabis Gives a “HIGH” Similar to Strong Cannabis But Without Anxiety or Paranoia

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Use of cannabis flowers containing nearly equal ratios of THC and CBD is associated with greater overall subjective effects

According to data published in the journal Addiction Biology, subjects who consume cannabis flowers containing nearly equal percentages of THC and CBD are less likely to report experiencing anxiety or other adverse effects.

A team of researchers associated with the Anschutz Medical Campus of the University of Colorado examined the subjective effects associated with inhaling cannabis flowers containing different THC/CBD ratios. Study subjects were randomly assigned to inhale THC-dominant flowers (24% THC and 1% CBD), CBD-dominant flowers (23% CBD and 1% THC) or flowers containing almost equal proportions of THC and CBD (10% THC and 9% CBD). Participants inhaled cannabis ad libitum and described the effects an hour later.

Higher THC ratios

A ratio containing mostly THC and a small amount of CBD will be very psychoactive and provide an intense and high experience. This is the type of ratio designed for experienced cannabis users, those who need strong pain relief, or those who like to feel really high. You might be wondering why you should bother with CBD if you only want the intoxicating effects of cannabis, right? The reason for this is that a little CBD can improve your session. You would be surprised how much a small amount of CBD can activate the entourage effect in high THC strains, increasing the euphoric experience.

Balanced ratios of THC and CBD

If you want to benefit from the psychoactive effects of cannabis without feeling totally ripped, a balanced ratio might be the best choice. CBD has the power to decrease the ability of THC to activate the CB1 receptor and reduce the anxiety-inducing effects of THC. It can also activate serotonin receptors in the brain to further alleviate feelings of anxiety. Incredible ! Another benefit of using a balanced ratio is that it can help reduce short-term memory impairments that are often associated with high THC cannabis. This makes it a great choice when you need to stay focused and alert. CBD can also help curb food cravings for those who prefer not to be tempted to overeat.

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Higher CBD levels

High levels of CBD with low or no ratios of THC provide the health benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive effects. So why not just use a CBD isolate without any THC? Again, this is the entourage effect. All the benefits of CBD are enhanced when combined with other cannabinoids, especially THC. That's how nature intended, and they all work best when they're together.

Effects of cannabidiol in cannabis flower: implications for harm reduction

A study conducted at the University of Colorado and published this month examined how cannabis affects three different categories – “strong” (high in THC with little CBD), “balanced” (with the same amounts of THC and CBD) and “light” (high in CBD with little THC) – And found that balanced cannabis provides a similar benefit to strong cannabis but without its side effects

Participants who consumed THC-dominant flowers and those who consumed samples containing equal percentages of THC and CBD both reported experiencing similar positive effects after smoking marijuana. However, subjects who consumed samples containing both THC and CBD were less likely to report experiencing negative effects, such as feelings of anxiety and paranoia.

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The authors stated, “This is one of the first studies to examine the differential effects of different THC/CBD ratios using chemical varieties of cannabis flower that are widely available in state-regulated markets. The current results suggest that CBD may be associated with an overall reduction in THC exposure and may ameliorate the negative psychotomimetic effects of THC without diminishing the effects of THC that individuals report liking. »

effects of cannabidiol in cannabis flower

As can be seen in the graphic results of thesurvey , in the “high subjective sensation” section (upper left row), the effect of the balanced strains (THC + CBD) was closer to the strong strains (THC) than to the light strains (CBD). A similar result was also seen in the “Euphoria” section (top middle row).

On the other hand, in the “stress” and paranoia sections, the effect of the balanced strains is close, really very close, even identical to the effect of the light strains which contain little or no THC.

In other words, those who had consumed balanced cannabis, felt the positive effects of cannabis in the same way as those who consumed cannabis high in THC, but they avoided addressing the negative effects and this in the same proportions as participants who used low- or no-THC cannabis.

Bottom Line: The results of the present study suggest that participants using the THC + CBD strains had significantly lower plasma THC levels and reported less paranoia and anxiety compared to participants using the THC-dominant chemovar. Importantly, despite these differences, participants in both conditions, THC + CBD and THC, reported similar positive subjective effects. …The risk-reduction implication of these findings is that cannabis chemicals containing CBD may lead to lower overall exposure to THC and, therefore, lower risk, particularly with respect to the psychotomimetic effects of THC. »

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