the strange black beauty 5

BlackBeauty, one of the strangest cannabis strains in the world

Black Beauty is truly a species apart. Not only does this plant flower in an unusual way, but it produces high concentrations of a cannabinoid known as THCV. Blessed with a deep black colouration, a pineapple scent and a quick psychoactive experience, Black Beauty is one of the strangest strains in the world, which almost suppresses the appetite ^^

The birth of Black Beauty

Black Beauty is a magnificent strain that produces dark purple, almost black buds… This strain was recently rescued by grower George Bianchini after a raid on Oaksterdam University, California. Now this strain is extremely rare value and produces one of the most unusual cannabinoid profiles on the market. Indeed, Black Beauty contains a ratio of 2 in THC and 1 in THCV ...

the strange black beauty 3
the strange black beauty 3

The history of this plant, told by Bianchini , is even stranger ... Originally this cannabis plant was to be recognized as a strain with enormous potential in CBD. Furthermore, this plant was originally believed to produce around 11% THC and 3% CBD. However, the plant was tested with around 7% THC and 4% THCV… Incredibly, when the growers put the plant under 24 hours of light, it remained in vegetative growth… However, when it was put under 18 hours of light she began to bloom. Typically, cannabis plants will not flower until they have reached a 12h / 12h light cycle ...

the strange black beauty 10
the strange black beauty 10

This “odd” time isn’t the only way the bud begins to change, and totally… While the buds were once purple, they began to turn black… Then, six weeks after flowering, the plant began to turned hermaphrodite. And, some Black Beauty buds create yellow “banana hairs” that produce pollen occasionally… Since then, Bianchini has developed three distinct genotypes of this strain, all three produce different cannabinoids and colorings. But, only one genotype produces hermaphrodite buds. When grown outdoors, this strain produced more THCV.

the strange black beauty 9
the strange black beauty 9

The Black Beauty experience

the strange black beauty
the strange black beauty

The presence of THCV in this strain is believed to accelerate the psychoactive effects of THC. Indeed, the result is an energetic and dynamic experience with a very rapid rise (high). On the other hand, the descent will occur more quickly than with a typical THC strain. While relaxed and enjoyable, strains high in THCV are said to provide a more fulfilling brain experience.

Although Black Beauty is not THCV-dominant cannabis, its bud is ideal for avoiding heavy hunger (“munchies”). Pure THCV has been found to decrease feeding and promote weight loss in rodents. However, studies have found that these appetite-suppressing effects may not work as well when the cannabinoid is combined with THC.

the strange black beauty 8
the strange black beauty 8

However, while a strain like Black Beauty may not help you eat less, it may dampen some of the THC-inspired treats. So after you've smoked this strain, you're less likely to end up with your head in the freezer, looking for pizza or ice cream ...

Using the Black Beauty

the strange black beauty 2
the strange black beauty 2

Black Beauty is developing into an excellent strain of medical cannabis. Recent research on THCV suggests that the cannabinoid may prove useful for the treatment of diabetes and obesity. Thus, it is possible that this strain will one day be used as a key plant for the development of new drugs. Like other cannabinoids, THCV also has properties anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and painkillers. Which makes Black Beauty a potentially excellent choice for patients suffering from neurological or autoimmune disorders.

Information on growth and seeds

black beauty
black beauty

Black Beauty is manageable for experienced growers, due to her hermaphroditism… So this an attractive strain is one to watch out for when she grows up in front of you. And then you will see her beautiful purplish buds change color at harvest time, a deep black shade that will remind you of grapes… Her high THCV attribute is best exhibited when grown in the sun, rather than indoors. To sum up, Black Beauty is:

  • Type : 65% Indica / 35% Sativa
  • Genetic : Unknown
  • Geographic origin) : Northern California
  • Average THC: 15%
  • THCV average : 2-2,5%
  • Taste and scents : Diesel, flowers, pineapple, tropical
  • Benefits: unique and sought after genetics
  • Drawbacks : hermaphrodite qualities, some experience required
  • Original breeder: unknown
  • Current breeder: George Bianchini and the Indian group Winnemucca
  • Known phenotypes: George has 3 key phenotypes he works with (Only one genotype produces hermaphrodite buds)
  • Seed Bank of Choice: George Bianchini does not distribute seeds for sale. But Lady Seeds offers them for purchase.
  • Flowering time: 42 - 45 days (very short)
  • Vegetation time: requires 24 hours of a light, will be self-flagging at 18 pm.
  • Flowering type : Best grown outdoors or in a greenhouse, the power of sunlight generates a high THCV profile.
  • Growth Height : 3 to 6 feet according to training
  • Expected return: Medium to strong
  • Level of competence (of culture) : Expert
  • Related strains : unknown ...
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