The most popular strains to relieve ADHD

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The best strains of cannabis recommended for relieving attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

ADHD is difficult to diagnose. However, sometimes we all have difficulty concentrating, staying still or controlling our impulses… People with attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity (ADHD) face such difficulties every day. ADHD can undermine self-esteem as well as the ability to function in a family, social, or professional environment. However, we can be happy that more and more people are managing to alleviate their symptoms with the cannabis plant.

Attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity (ADHD)

ADHD currently affects about six to nine percent of children and five percent of adults worldwide. It is a disorder that has a large number of symptoms and possible behaviors. Some of the more common symptoms of ADHD include difficulty concentrating, procrastination, forgetting to complete tasks, restlessness, being easily distracted, impulsiveness, and acting silently. correctly assess the consequences.

ADHD, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, strains
In ADHD, an imbalance in norepinephrine production has been demonstrated, particularly in the frontal lobe.

But these symptoms vary from person to person, and not all people with ADHD have them. In ADHD, two neurotransmitters are involved. The Dopamine seems to be the most important. The "dopaminergic" system is involved in the processes of motivation and reinforcement. The noradrenaline is also essential. This neurotransmitter plays a role in the processes of learning, memory and alertness. Also, experts still don't know what causes ADHD ...

Cannabis that relieves ADHD

There is currently little research on the potential of cannabis in the treatment of TDAH. Studies have also shown that young people with ADHD are at a higher risk of developing alcohol and other drug use disorders. For this reason, it is important for people with ADHD to exercise caution before consuming cannabis too frequently.

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ADHD, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, strains
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a complex disease that does not have a single cause.

Nevertheless, much anecdotal evidence suggests that cannabis could be a substitute for traditional medicines. Even conventionally prescribed medications like Adderall can present important risk factors. Including increased blood pressure, loss of appetite, disturbed heart rhythm, headaches, decreased inhibitions, and more ... If you decide to use cannabis to treat your ADHD, Herb tells us that they are the most recommended strains for attention deficit disorder.

Sour Diesel

ADHD, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, strains
The iconic Sour Diesel is also one of the most common strains for ADHD. It offers a boost of energy, helping to fight against depression.

Sour Diesel is probably the most recognizable strain for improving productivity. The Sativa-dominant strain is well known for its euphoric effects on users, and its ability to fight depression. Since a positive mindset is a productivity booster, it is conceivable that Sour Diesel's ability elevates a person's mood and ability to focus. Sour Diesel is cerebral, it can also help creativity. As Sour Diesel is Sativa dominant, it is an excellent energy booster.


ADHD, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, strains
Cannadential is one of the main strains of ADHD because it promotes relaxation.

Despite being an 'Indica-Sativa hybrid, Cannadential is not necessarily an energy booster. The strain targets certain mental blocks associated with productivity: stress and anxiety. In excess, these two emotional states often lead to unorganized thought patterns - not to mention a poorer quality of life ... If your job requires you to be examined in public, Cannadential can be a great one. boosting confidence.


ADHD, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, strains
Cinex is an energizing Sativa that ranks among the best strains for ADHD. In any case, when a person tries to concentrate ...

Cinex is the type of strain you would want to smoke before you run a marathon. Alternatively, if you're short on mental stimulation, this Sativa-dominant strain can help you finish a mentally heavy job. The downside to the energy high of Cinex is that anxious thoughts intensify… If you are not comfortable with the feeling you get after drinking too much coffee, Cinex n may not be your partner of choice. However, this strain is also believed to have beneficial effects on mood. Treat your self-diagnosed ADHD, starting slowly and increasing doses as needed.

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ADHD, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, strains
Harle-Tsu is an excellent choice for ADHD strains if you want to relax without overworking.

This high CBD strain is perfect for those looking to calm their nerves, without clouding the mind. Due to the low THC content, Harle-Tsu will save you from the mental fog that you would get with high THC strains. The Harle-Tsu will sharpen your mind without causing your thoughts to run. Which makes it a great catalyst for creative work. If your productivity depends on your ability to relax or you don't want to look too stressed out at work, this is the strain for you.


ADHD, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, strains
Shaman is one of the best strains for ADHD. Because it targets anxiety and depression.

Shaman is a Sativa dominant strain. It is very fragrant and targets anxiety, depression. But be careful with your dosage… The hyper-cerebral effect of this strain can be overwhelming. However, if you are looking to increase your energy and focus, Shaman delivers a clean, uplifting high. Shaman offers a more organic feeling of concentration than amphetamines typically used to treat ADHD. This strain is ideal for physically demanding tasks. It remains ideal for repetitive tasks that require concentration and endurance. In addition, the strain is also a good option for treating chronic pain and depression.

Green Crack

ADHD, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, strains
Green Crack is quite simply one of the best strains of cannabis for ADHD.

Green Crack is another coffee substitute ... This Sativa dominant strain is almost unmatched in its energy boosting effects. If you are lacking sleep or inspiration, the sharpening effects of Green Crack give your creativity a boost. It is very useful for those who feel the effects of depression on energy. Green Crack delivers bursts of euphoria with a mango flavor profile and a tangy citrus scent. If all that isn't enough, legend has it that Snoop Dogg coined his name ...

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