Storing your weed

Storing your Buds

Store and preserve the trichomes in your weed

Proper storage of cannabis flowers is extremely important in order to maintain its quality. Here are some guidelines for proper storage that will best preserve your plant, without losing any benefits.

Preserve trichome crystals

It is the sticky resin covering cannabis flowers and contains a very high concentration of cannabinoids (the active molecules of cannabis).

Preserve trichome crystals
Trichomes (not yet ripe)

Trichomes are vulnerable to light (UV rays), heat, high humidity, or absolute drought. Improper storage of your cannabis flowers can kill trichomes, and significantly affect the quality and impact of your plant on your body.

No plastic bag to store

First of all, do not use a plastic bag in which we usually receive our buds. Many consumers tend to keep their pouches after purchase. But know that there is no worse way to preserve cannabis. Indeed its sachets do not keep the plant from humidity, heat or light. In short, anything that can be harmful to it. In addition, there is static electricity present on the bag, an effect due to friction in a bag or a jacket for example. This electricity dissipates and directly affects the quality of the trichomes in our plant!

Storing your weed
The non-ecological plastic bag is the worst conservation solution.

The best choice is to store your flowers in a sealed glass jar. This preserves the freshness of the flowers, and in the best possible way. This type of container does not contain any material that could lead to a change in taste and odor.

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Preservation and storage in the shade

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation damages flowers after exposure to sunlight, causing chemical instability and the collapse of active substances in trichomes.

Storing your weed
Saving terpenes

Like a good beer, you should always keep a pot of dark flowers. The dark color provides sufficient UV protection to prevent damage to the flowers. In any supermarket or supermarket you can find jars made of glass or clear plastic. You can also use glass jam jars, rolling tobacco boxes! In addition, this technique avoids any "suspicious" smell.

Keep humidity low

The high humidity, brings out the mold and the flower is in danger by the formation of fungi of different types. Besides the fact that the mold will kill the flowers and reduce the taste and influence almost completely. It is important to note that certain types of molds are extremely toxic and can even cause death.

Storing your weed
Moldy buds ...

Also, do not store your flowers in too dry spaces. The long-term preservation of the recommended moisture level is between 59 to 63 percent moisture. Beyond that, the risk of mold growth increases considerably. Even if you have to hide your flowers in a special place, be sure to choose a dry space not under the sink (for example) ...

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Keep in a cool, but not iced

Most molds that grow on plants at temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees. So always keep flowers in a cool place at a temperature below 20 degrees Celsius.

Storing your weed
End of the myth, the grass is not parsley ...

Many experienced consumers, especially those who buy in bulk, argue that weed in the freezer is a great way to keep it fresh ... FALSE: Do not freeze your trichromes! As in every part of the plant, even in trichromes, there is a high percentage of water. As a result, after freezing, the trichrome resin glands (waterlogged) dilate, break and turn into ice cubes ... The longer the freezing time, the more irreversible damage the flowers will have.

Storing your weed
The ideal solution is a domestic refrigerator with (very) low humidity

To sum up: Keep your flowers in a glass jar. As well as possible in a cool, dry place, such as old cupboards or a good stone cellar. In general, the ideal solution is a home refrigerator with (very) low humidity. You can add a piece of paper to absorb the moisture. In any case, it is advisable to open the container once a day or two, to allow ventilation.

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