5 cannabis strains for the beginner

5 cannabis strains for the beginner 7

The 5 cannabis strains the easiest to grow for the beginner

No two strains of cannabis are equal, and that applies to everything, including growth. While growing is easy enough, there are certain strains that are more resistant to disease, insects, mold, and drought, which means less work is required on the part of the novice grower. Novice growers can benefit from trying these easy strains - there will be less risk of failure when you start growing with these strains. Doing so will give you the proper practice to try more difficult strains in the future.


La Blueberry has been a cult strain since its development in the late 70s. These plants have a distinct look combining green and bright blue colors. You can't go wrong growing and using Blue Berry. High in THC content, it is popular with recreational users and medical cannabis patients alike. It is used against stress in general, chronic pain and especially against migraines. Blue Berry is a novice grower's favorite, it is easy to grow indoors and outdoors. However, one notice should be remembered, for outdoor cultivation, it is in the middle of October that we will have the best results.

5 cannabis strains for the beginner

Genetics: Afghani x Thai x Purple Thai
Sativa 80% / Indica 20%
Flowering time indoors: 65 to 70 days
THC: 15 to 20%

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White Rhino

White Rhino is considered by many to be a grower's dream, as she produces a lot more than average top quality weed. Additionally, White Rhino has a high THC content which makes it a popular choice for those in need of health care. This strain can grow in almost any environment, and without any problems. The yield is spectacular each time, which makes this strain unique. However outdoors, it will be harvested in early October for a better yield.

5 cannabis strains for the beginner

Genetics: Afghan x Brasilian x South India
Indica-Sativa: 80% Indica - 20% Sativa
Flowering indoor: 9 weeks
THC: 20,19% CBD: 0,11% CBN: 0,05%

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a popular strain due to its medicinal versatility. This strain is also very popular for its ease of cultivation, especially indoors. However in the open air, it becomes quite sensitive to climate changes considered severe. In this specific case where the weather is too changeable, it can attract parasites and mites (red spiders). Also, if your growing medium is in a subtropical or Mediterranean climate, Blue Dream will grow without a hitch. This strain is harvested during the month of October. Blue Dream has a high THC content. Its specificity is to offer novices a friendly and very euphoric High.

5 cannabis strains for the beginner

Genetics: Blueberry X Super Silver Haze
Sativa 80% / Indica 20%
Flowering time indoors: 65 to 70 days
THC: 15 to 20%

Green Crack

This strain is the favorite among those who love sativa. Indeed, Green Crack delivers intense energy, and above all euphoric, to novice growers. Additionally, this strain is ideal for anyone learning how to grow cannabis for the very first time. Green Crack is quite flexible in indoor and outdoor growing. Note that this strain is sensitive to powdery mildew; so make sure to keep humidity always low. If you choose to grow her outdoors, this strain works best in Mediterranean climates. The best time to harvest Green Crack is from late September to late September / early October.

5 cannabis strains for the beginner

Genetics: 1989 SSSC Skunk #1 x Isolated Afghani Cut
Sativa 75% / Indica 25%
Flowering indoor: 55 days
THC: 18%

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Gorilla Glue #4

Gorilla Glue # 4 has an extremely high THC content, with levels ranging from 30-33.5%… So users should be careful with this one. Gorilla Glue offers a very relaxing high that will allow you to be productive even while meditating… This strain is also known to be one of the stickiest strains… It grows well indoors and will thrive outdoors, too. as long as your outside is sunny and warm… This plant is known to produce a lot of resin, so make sure you are ready to clean and sharpen your scissors after your harvest… Gorilla Glue # 4 produces a generous yield, despite its large size. adhesion. She grows fairly easily, and the middle of October is the best time to harvest this strain.

5 cannabis strains for the beginner

Genetics: Sour Dubb x Chem Sister x Chocolate Diesel
Sativa 75% / Indica 25%
Indoor flowering: 9 to 10 weeks
THC: 25% or even 30 to 33.5% in good conditions ...

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