Statistics 2019: Number of jobs in the legal sector

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In 2019, legal cannabis has created 211000 jobs to full
time in America

How many jobs are there in the legal cannabis industry? This is a common question that the US government refuses to answer.

As cannabis remains illegal at the federal level, employment data agencies such as Bureau of Labor Statistics are all unaware of industry-related jobs.

A significant number of jobs

In the last three months, the data team of Leafly, in partnership with Whitney Economics, traveled from one state to another to calculate the total number of full-time direct jobs in the state's legal cannabis industry.

There are now more 211 000 Jobs in Industry cannabis in the United States. More than 64 000 of these jobs were created in 2018. It's crowded enough to fill the Soldier Field stadium in Chicago, with 3 000 more and more people outside.

Legal cannabis is currently the largest machine to create jobs in America. Cannabis labor increased by 21% in 2017. He still won 44% in 2018. We expect another growth of at least 20% of employment in 2019. This would represent a growth of 110% of jobs in the cannabis sector in just three years.

Download the full report

Special report : 2019 Cannabis Jobs Count is only available at Leafly. The main report provides a national overview of direct employment as well as indirect jobs and jobs induced by the legal cannabis industry. We also provide tax revenue data in the legal statements, growth forecasts for 2019, salary ranges for the most popular cannabis jobs, and tips on how to get hired. The report's appendix provides a state-by-state analysis of the size of the market, growth and employment.

Growth is due to what?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently compiled a list of industries with the fastest growing employment numbers. Employment opportunities for home health aides are expected to increase by 47%. Openings for wind turbine technicians are expected to increase by 96%. Photovoltaic solar installer requirements are expected to increase by 105%. These gains should occur over a period of 10 years.

What is incredible is that the110% growth in jobs in the cannabis sector will have occurred in just three years.
Some states that have been legally selling adult cannabis for some time now - Colorado and Washington have opened their stores in 2014 - are just starting to see job growth in the cannabis sector plateau.

Meanwhile, new legal states, such as Florida (medical) and Nevada (adult use), are experiencing a job boom in cannabis with impressive gains:

Florida has increased its employment in the 703% 2018 cannabis business, adding more 9.000 full-time jobs.
Nevada created more 7 500 jobs during the same year.
Pennsylvania finished the 2017 year with about 90 jobs in the cannabis sector. He finished the 2018 year with almost 3 900.
New York has increased its employment in the 278% cannabis business, finishing 2018 with more than 5.000 jobs.

Who will be hiring in 2019

California, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Florida and Arkansas are looking for talent - and they need it now.

The hiring of cannabis in California has remained relatively stable in 2018 due to disruptions caused by the transition from an unregulated medical system to an authorized and regulated market for medical and adult consumption. But we expect jobs in the cannabis sector to grow by 21% in 2019. In gross terms, this means that 10261 high-paying jobs with benefits and opportunities for advancement are waiting to be filled.
In Massachusetts, the adult state market is just beginning. We are planning to create more 9 500 jobs over the next 12 months.
Florida is expected to create more 5 000 jobs in 2019, which would bring the state's total employment in the cannabis industry to about 15 000.
Oklahoma is the Wild West of cannabis right now. There was no job in the cannabis sector a year ago. Now there is 2 107. In a year, we expect there will be 4 407.
Arkansas is just starting its program for medical purposes, but there is room for growth: 135 Jobs now at 960 by the end of the year.

How to get a job

Throughout the week, Leafly will publish a series of articles on working in the cannabis industry: where is the growth, what is it like to work in the cannabis industry, and how to crush this interview? job and bring an offer home.

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