What is vaporization and what is a vaporizer?

Vaporization is the transformation of a liquid or a solid into gas or vapor. The vaporizer is the device intended to transform a liquid or a substance into vapor. A cannabis vaporizer is a device that gently heats your weed, hash, hash, wax or oils to a predestined heating temperature.

The vaporization allows to obtain a better extraction (evaporation) of all the substances contained in cannabis, thc, cbd, terpenes. The heating is gradual and the control of combustion temperatures prevent too rapid degradation of these substances.

The vaporizer will heat your plant matter, in this case the weed, gradually until the trichomes (micro crystals) which contain the cannabinoids evaporate from the chamber and invade your mouth before combustion. The vapor thus obtained is of great purity, because it consists only of the aroma (terpenes) of the plants. The different active ingredients offer a better experience when inhaled, preserving you from tars and other carbon monoxides present in tobacco which are very harmful and carcinogenic.