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"Special Sauce" a strain rich in CBG

CBD Flower Special Sauce

Review of the CBD variety "Special Sauce"

The sativa strain known as Special Sauce is among the first to feature CBG as the main ingredient. This flower is in great demand for this reason. CBG stands for cannabigerol and is known as the "precursor" of most cannabinoids.

Evolution of the CBG flower "Special sauce"

The flower of CBG, which comes from a sativa plant, contains CBG (cannabigeroric acid. CBGA does not behave like other cannabinoid acids which break down directly into a final element like CBD or THC.

Instead, CBGA is what the hemp plant uses to synthesize other cannabinoid acids. When decarboxylated (or heated), CBGA acts much like a parent cannabinoid acid and typically breaks down into THCA (tetrahydrocannibinolic acid) and CBDA (cannabidiolic acid).

Getting CBGA to break down into CBG instead of synthesizing it into other cannabinoids is a difficult process. Most varieties of hemp flowers contain only less than 2% CBG, and only a few varieties of CBG flowers will directly synthesize cannabigerol. This stubborn and versatile acid prefers to remain a creator rather than becoming its own end product.

The funny thing is that for a while scientists believed cannabigerol to be a minor cannabinoid. There is very little of it in most strains of hemp flowers, and when it decarboxylates most of it goes away because it is synthesized into other cannabinoids. That's why scientists haven't figured out that he was actually the mother cannabinoid from the start!

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Scientists isolated this elusive cannabinoid in the mid-60s, but it wasn't until recently that consumers discovered its potential. Hemp growers are already trying to cross flowers to increase the amount of CBGA capable of turning into CBG.

To avoid the scientific complexities that make it difficult to understand, let's just explain it. 

CBD and THC are the most well-known natural phytocannabinoids in the cannabis plant. However, the "parent" Phyto cannabinoid, so to speak, is CBG. Once the plants have reached maturity, there is only 1% or less of CBG left, as CBD and THC take over. Conservation of CBG is possible if it is harvested early.

Special Hemp Flower Sauce
Special sauce

Appearance of the CBD strain of "Special Sauce"

The purple-tinged flowers of this CBD strain are long and dense, with olive green leaves speckled with striking traces of dark purple, golden amber, and subtle pink. These beautiful nuggets are covered with an almost transparent sheen of sparkling trichomes and offset by flaming rust-colored pistils.

Nevertheless, the buds of the Special Sauce variety are very sticky and quite difficult to break without the aid of a grinder. But there's more to this Upstate Hemp Co. strain than just its striking hues - the flowers give off a citrus and berry aroma that's nearly impossible to stop smelling over and over again. (Tried, but DAMN this strain smells great!) The sweet and slightly tart aroma intensifies when the buds are opened, giving off a more complex scent of hops, grass and earthy musk. When the buds are smoked, the hoppy citrus really pops out. The smoke is VERY sweet, so much so that it is actually surprising for a strain of CBD, and tastes sweet of blueberry and citrus on both inhale and exhale without any lingering funk or resinous film on the lips.

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Aroma and flavor of special CBD strain

It is a strain of industrial hemp known for its astringent berry smells, pink stigmas, and high oil return. The buds may be small but well worth the quality sweet, hoppy aromas and earthy berry flavor. A strain of CBD that calms your body and your creative mind!

Although the flowers haven't been pruned very closely, the purple-tinged nuggets of the Special Sauce variety are beautiful to look at and carry an aroma that stimulates the senses. Heavy notes of citrus, blueberries and sweet cream swirl together around hops and herbs to form this special sauce flavor profile.

Effects of the CBD Special Sauce strain

Special Sauce is a popular, CBG-rich CBD strain with a strong cannabinoid backbone. It has a total CBD + CBDa of 18,8%, a THC level of 0,3%, and 21,88% total cannabinoids. Not to mention the amazingly high CBG content of 21,4 mg / g which promises to relieve many ailments and offer a long list of therapeutic benefits.

With effects that are far different from the rest, this is a particularly potent strain, even for experienced smokers.

Take a few bars and you will immediately begin to experience a strong sense of physical and mental relaxation which will translate into a blissful therapeutic calm which makes Special Sauce the perfect strain for unwinding after a long day (or week!). There is a feeling of mental clarity and focus, but not one that I would call energizing. No, this CBG-rich strain is all about relaxation. This strain is virtually unbeatable in its CBG content.

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