Private use of the authorized dagga in South Africa


In South Africa, the consumption and cultivation of cannabis (dagga) authorized for personal use

South Africa's Supreme Constitutional Court dismisses state appeal over last year's ruling; that the criminalization of cannabis was unconstitutional. In addition, the state will change the law within two years, an extension not without interest ... Because, in the meantime, citizens will be able to consume and cultivate cannabis (dagga) for their own use. It is a kind of decriminalization, acclaimed by many cannabis users ...

Decriminalization of the dagga?

THElast year (2017), the Supreme Court of Western Cape, South Africa, declared that the criminalization of cannabis users is unconstitutional. According to the judges' decision and under privacy laws, citizens were allowed to possess, cultivate and consume cannabis for their personal use.

The court authorized the possession, cultivation and use of dagga [a modern version of the word khoï dacha, which means 'grass'].
At the same time, the South African Parliament was ordered to update the laws on drugs, and its trafficking. The order of the Supreme Court was to rule in the next 24 months ... But, the ministries of justice, police and health appealed against this decision, saying that "there is objective evidence of the harmful effects cannabis ”…

Call to order from Judge Zondo

Ce September 18th, 2018, the Supreme Court dismissed the appeal, Judge Raymond Zondo has just confirmed the unanimous decision taken last year. The ban on the possession, consumption and cultivation of cannabis for personal use is ultimately declared unconstitutional.

The Supreme Constitutional Court of South Africa

South Africa's parliament has been given an additional 24 months extension to draft a new law. Until the next two years, Judge Zondo allows South Africans to grow cannabis at home! Zondo said it is now up to the ANC to decide what quantities are allowed for consumers. And, that they must be strictly based on "personal use":

“The judgment does not specify how much an adult can use for private purposes. Parliament must determine that. "

The official status of the dagga is that it is now "decriminalized". However, trafficking in marijuana, selling it to others, or consuming it outside the home remains an illegal practice. Just like its ban for people under 18.

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