Snoop Dogg receives a bouquet of 48 seals for his 48em birthday

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Snoop Dogg also has a full-time professional rider

The rapper Snoop Dogg celebrated his 48 last Sunday in his own way: with a bouquet of 48 "cannabis cigarettes". The unusual "gift" was sent to him by his family and the bouquet in question was prepared by the creative Leslie Monroy, known for her work on cannabis. The legend of hip-hop celebrated its 48 years on Sunday and was surprised by the gift that put his favorite plant in value.

The TMZ website has shared a video the bouquet in question, which contained two different strains of cannabis, indica and sativa.

Snoop Dogg's passion for grass is well known. Last week, the rapper revealed he possessed what he called the "competition runner" of cannabis joints.

Discover this gift of ganja ... it is an assortment of flowers with 48 pre-rolled joints.

The gift of snoop dog is the work of the designer and floral artist, Leslie K Monroy and she told TMZ that Snoop's team from her cannabis company Merry Jane had seen her work and had to get her hands on one of her pieces.

A dear friend of mine asked me, "Do you feel nervous? Good! That's how you know you're alive !!!" To my favorite ...

Published by Leslie K Monroy at Tuesday 24 September 2019

We are told that half of the joints are filled with Indica and the other half with Sativa ... and the bouquet also includes 4 small weed clones and 8 large clones, in addition to normal plants.

The news of the bouquet comes as Snoop announces that it employs a "seal-rolling professional"

On October 9, the rapper revealed in the Howard Stern Show that he was paying the employee between 40000 and 50000 dollars a year for his work.

Comedian Seth Rogen, who is also a cannabis enthusiast, said he had seen the employee at work himself.

We wish a happy birthday to the legend.

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