Snoop Dogg Presenter of a Culinary Show

Snoop Dogg In A Culinary Show

Snoop Dogg In A Cooking Show - Famous Rapper Prepares To Host A Cooking Show On VH1

When we imagine a cooking show, we do not immediately see Snoop Dogg as presenter. And yet, the American channel VH1 had the unlikely idea of ​​putting him at the head of a culinary show. Every week he will cook and receive famous friends at his table. But he will not be alone, the American queen of the art of living, Martha Stewart will accompany him.


A rather unlikely couple. On the one hand the Californian rap star, on the other the "domestic diva", as she is called in the United States, at the head of an empire of recipes and decoration advice. Martha & Snoop's Dinner Party will air in the fall for 10 episodes. Each time, they will receive celebrities to cook for them.

A dinner with celebrities

This is not the first time Martha and Snoop cook together. The rapper had appeared several times on The Martha Stewart Show where he had prepared "green" brownies and mashed potatoes. He explained that "in the neighborhood", we do not use a machine to crush the potatoes.

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“During our dinners, we will illustrate America's fascination with food, entertainment and fame. Martha & Snoop Dinner's party will reinvent the traditional cooking contest show in new, different and very funny ways, ”says Martha Stewart.

For his part, Snoop is equally delighted with his future show.


"Martha and I have a special bond for a long time. We will cook, drink and have fun with our exceptional guests. "We can not wait to see that.


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