Snoop Dogg launches a new range of bongs

Snoop Dogg announces new line of accessories for bong specialists

In Los Angeles, CA July 17, 2017 Entertainment Icon, Snoop Dogg, in collaboration with acclaimed accessory maker Famous Brandz, are proud to announce the launch of POUNDS Smoking Accessories. It is a range of accessories for demanding smokers, pipes, water pipes or bongs intended to enrich the cannabis industry. With a new presentation from the PENTAGRAM sutdios, POUNDS captures the creative vision of the legendary artist.

POUNDS, bong, Water pipe, Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg POUNDS

POUNDS, bong, Water pipe, Snoop Dogg

The POUND range has a price between 129 $ and 279 $. It is available for purchase in all 50 states in the US. But also we will find this range on, the largest online store in the world. POUNDS is also available in Canada for retail sale.

“POUNDS is my way of delivering and sharing a superior smoking experience for all consumers,” Snoop explains of his brand. "Whether you are into weed or oil, POUNDS is the right product for you."

With features for demanding smoker, the brand is accessible for experienced and curious consumers. In fact, POUNDS creates products for top quality for the general public. Each bong is of first quality, manufactured in borosilicate glass , And especially handmade.

Water pipe

Multiple association for top design

The Bong is equipped with accessories for a variety of modulation depending on the user's choice. Not only are the parts collector, but also each of them is sold in a (highly designated) magnetic tape box for collectors. These works of art in design are world famous, with PENTAGRAM having a lot to do with it.

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POUNDS, bong, Water pipe, Snoop Dogg

Each water pipe is named after one of Snoop's recording studios. We will find the BATTLESHIP, the MOTHERSHIP, the ROCKETSHIP, the SPACHIP and the STARSHIP. It is the personal touch of the artist. The design goes hand in hand with the aesthetic spaces of Snoop. With new products slated for 2017 and beyond, POUNDS is keen to make a bold statement on design, aesthetics and functionality:

"Medicate, Elevate, and Put It In The Air!"

To learn more about the high-end design and efficiency of the POUNDS series:

About Famous Brandz

Famous Brandz is the leading manufacturer of smoking accessories. They specialize in the product together with celebrities. FBrandz is known for its association with Hollywood studios and well-known entertainment brands in the US. Their world-class partners include Snoop Dogg, The Trailer Park Boys and Paramount Pictures, among others… They manufacture top-of-the-line, premium quality products for discerning smokers.

POUNDS, bong, Water pipe, Snoop Dogg

In addition, Famous Brandz creates retail (design) experiences with renowned partnerships like PENTAGRAM. With innovative new products planned for 2018 and beyond. For more information visit

About Snoop Dogg

A visionary and an entrepreneur, Snoop Dogg's brand spans the tech, business and consumer sectors. Snoop Dogg was even gratified on the cover of AdWeek as "Tech Mogul". Snoop Dogg sold close to 40 million albums around the world and has received several awards from GRAMMY®.

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POUNDS, bong, Water pipe, Snoop Dogg

As a pioneer of pop culture, Snoop's businesses include partnership agreements between music, film, television, and branded products. Note also its media platform, MERRY JANE, the strongest in the cannabis sector, at the crossroads of pop culture, business, politics, and health. Snoop invites sophisticated cannabis cultivation for all. He recently released his latest album, Neva Left, to write his reviews.

About Pentagram

Pentagram is the world's largest independent consulting firm. The company is owned and managed by 20 partners. It's a group of friends who are all leaders in their individual creative fields.

POUNDS, bong, Water pipe, Snoop Dogg
The collector design of POUNDS

Working from offices in New York, London, Austin and Berlin, PENTAGRAM specializes in different areas of graphic design. They are particularly recognized in architecture and industrial design. Thus producing identities, publications, environments, products and digital media for a wide range of clients around the world.


Snoop Dogg POUNDS Smoking Accessories is the newest brand of smoking accessories organized by Snoop Dogg.


The products currently include five different water pipes (bongs). These are made from hand-made borosilicate glass, with options that cater to all smokers.

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